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Waraq: Gurugram college-friends make eco-friendly leather alternatives with coconut, cactus, orange peels

Alok and Isha of Gurugram abandoned their jobs to develop Waraq, a sustainable enterprise that offers alternatives to leather and creates bags and accessories from coconuts, orange peels, and other materials.

Alok Dhodapkar and Isha conceptualized an idea that is now a sustainable luxury business in 2020, when the entire globe was imprisoned within their homes owing to a pandemic.

The pair, who have been friends since college, had always wanted to create their own business. However, their careers diverged for years – they both worked as brand managers for almost a decade.

However, after discussing numerous concepts and investigating various eco-friendly materials in July of this year, the couple decided to quit their prosperous occupations to create Waraq, a Gurugram-based sustainable company, which creates slings, purses, bags and keychains from vegan, biodegradable and sustainable materials.

At the same time, they ensured that the items were of high quality. At the same time, they made certain that the items were unique and eye-catching.

Waraq manufactures a range of products using maintainable items such as cactus leather and coconut leather, along with orange peels and bemberg satin, and all of it with organic colours.

Plant-based and organic dyes are also utilised to colour the items. While there are many different green solutions available from across the world to use, the co-founders claim it was not always an easy task.

While the topic about sustainable living is hot, the co-founders believe that manufacturers in India are yet unprepared to use alternative materials.

The brand’s aims are clear from the start: minimal waste and no mass manufacturing.

Despite being a six-month-old player in the market, the brand has amassed a strong consumer base and is doing well. Their items are sold online and at two storefronts in Hyderabad and Kolkata.


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