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ICC Rankings: Threat looms over Team India, Pakistan gives tough challenge

The Indian team has risen to the top of the ICC Test rankings. The Indian squad previously held the top spot in T20 competition. On the other hand, if we discuss ODIs, Team India is second only to Australia in that category. Australia is ranked first even though India and Australia both have ratings of 113, hence Team India must settle for second place. The number two slot is now also in jeopardy, therefore Team India’s ascent to the top of the ODI rankings is still far off. The Pakistani side, which is now competing in the ODI series against New Zealand in its home nation, poses the greatest threat.

Pakistan has won its first three games, and if they keep up this winning trend, they can pass Team India. The fact that Pakistan will need to win both of their games, though, is a comfort. They risk spoiling their own game if they don’t.

After Australia and Team India, Pakistan is ranked third in the ICC ODI rankings.

According to the most recent ODI rankings published by the ICC, Australia is ranked first with 113 points, while Team India is ranked second with the same number of points. Pakistan, meanwhile, now has 112 points. Now that we are aware of the equations, let’s move on to the final two games in the five-match ODI series between Pakistan and New Zealand.

India and Australia’s rankings would not change if New Zealand won the fourth game. However England’s ranking would rise one spot to third and Pakistan’s ranking would drop one spot to fourth.In such a scenario, Pakistan’s rating will increase to 110, while England’s rating will increase to 111. Then, if New Zealand triumphs in the final game as well, Australia and India will still be in those positions, but New Zealand’s team will be ranked third with a rating of 111. In this case, Pakistan’s team will go up to number five and England will drop to number four.The New Zealand-Pakistan series will alter the ICC ODI rankings.

Now let’s examine what will happen if Pakistan wins the following match, or the fourth one.

In this case, the combined rating of Pakistan, Australia, and India will be 113. The Pakistani squad will overtake the other teams even when the ratings are equal. Australia will go up to number two at the same time as Team India moves up to number three. On the other hand, if Pakistan wins the last game once more, the team will continue to be ranked first with a rating of 115. Australia will move up to number two and Team India to number three at the same moment, both with ratings of 113. But if Pakistan loses the final match after winning the previous four, Australia will still be ranked first, Team India will be second, and Pakistan will be third.

If New Zealand wins the fourth match but drops the final match, something similar will take place. To defeat Team India and move up to the top, Pakistan must win both of its remaining games. A single setback can ruin the team’s performance.


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