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Toyota Hilux: A dual cab pick-up that survives the challenging terrain of India

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The reputation of the Toyota Hilux speaks for itself. Although it may not sell as many vehicles as some North American trucks, it is widely regarded as a dependable pick-up truck that can transport you anywhere in the world. The Hilux frequently finds itself in situations that most SUVs can’t handle, whether it’s the Taliban mounting machine guns in its bed, insurgents in North Africa fighting with it in the desert, or even conservationists using it as their vehicle of choice in ecologically sensitive areas.

The nameplate has been in use for many years, and a Hilux is obviously made to survive based on the sheer volume of perfectly preserved specimens found in some of the hardest environments on Earth.

The Toyota Hilux is only available in India as a dual cab pickup truck. And given its geographical location in the nation, that isn’t at all a bad thing.

There aren’t many products on our market designed for the same uses as a Hilux. While some SUVs are certainly very capable, few are as useful as a pick-up truck, especially one that is both comfortable and tough. Bicycles, scuba diving gear, or a full camping setup may all be transported with ease in a Hilux through even the most difficult terrain of India.


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