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IIS brings its solutions to India to herald positive change

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Farmer Support Initiative, Sourcing Organic and Health Food Supplies, Supplements and Nutritional Products from India

Non-profit organizations play a key role in the creation of healthy communities; however, most of these nonprofits operate only as donation-based organizations. This is where the International Institute of Solutions (IIS), a California 501c3 Benefit Corp., is playing a key role that sets it apart from other non-profit organizations. The organization is dedicated to solving challenges so that it may have a generational lasting impact that enriches mankind.

Since it was founded, IIS has been operating in the US with one primary goal: Change the World. The organization now brings its trans-formative solutions to India with the aim of making a significant change in the lives of the country’s people.

Towards this end, IIS officially launched the organization in India at a glittering ceremony where Mr Arun Gandhi, Founder and President of IIS USA, was the Chief Guest and Padma Shri Dr Soma Ghosh was the special guest. Mr Gandhi was accompanied by his wife, Kalpana Gandhi. Many personalities from different walks of life and many film celebrities were present as guests at the event, which was held on 18 December 2022 at Raheja Classic Club, Andheri (West), Mumbai.

Dr Viral Gandhi (Voxtour), Dr Santosh Pandey (Naturopath & Acupuncturist), Shriram Singh (New Age Farmer & Investment Banker), Dr Nagarjuna Vasudev Rao (PhD, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology International) were present at this momentous event (Exchange Program, Agriculture). Film producer–writer and social activist Jainendra Baxi and writer–film historian S M M Ausaja marked their presence, and were felicitated. The hard work put in by IIS India coordinator Dr Vijay Pratap Kushwaha (Chairman, Ayurveda Healthcare) was also evident.

Meraj L Khan (Dairy Products), Siddharth Shirodkar (MD, BY) and Dr M R Narayana Rao (Preventive Cardiologist & Detox Specialist) were also honored at the event. People from different fields, including medicine, IT, Ayurveda, agriculture and the film world, could be seen attending the program and extending their whole-hearted support to Mr Arun Gandhi’s organization.

Music composer Dilip Sen; singer Arvinder Singh; actors Karan Anand, Bobby Vats, Mini Bansal, Pihu Chauhan and Anupam Shukla; director and film producer Amitabh Sinha; and comedian Sunil Pal were also present as special guests. Actress Dalljiet Kaur gave an enthralling performance on stage during this memorable event.

All the guests who attended the program appreciated the works of Mr Arun Gandhi and his organization, IIS.

As stated by Mr Arun Gandhi, the basic principle of IIS is ‘Growth, not Greed’. IIS believes that there are solutions possible to the various modern maladies — which have their roots in millennia-old Indian traditions — and that Western breakthroughs in business methods and technology can be used to address these issues. Actions can be taken to provide livelihood and entrepreneurial success to those who have been adversely affected in India.

Mr Arun Gandhi further pointed out that environmental issues the world over have caused degradation of water and soil, a problem that has hurt small farmers the most. IIS is set to launch an initiative to train 100 subsistence farmers to grow high-value vegetables and fruits with hydroponic equipment provided by us, along with payment of a monthly income for a year and support for education and healthcare for their families. In effect, these 100 families will not have any financial concerns to worry them for a year while they grow Shiitake and Boleto mushrooms, vegetables that grow well using hydroponic methods and high-value fruits including strawberries.

As IIS will also be managing distribution for the farmers, they will have no concerns other than growing and selling. The organization’s scheme will also allow farmers who are not covered under the 100-farmer program to learn from those who will be working with us. Additionally, IIS holds ongoing discussions with partner companies to work on commercial-scale hydroponic production for the processed food industry.

Another significant project of IIS is the Panacea Project, which is registered as a corporation. This entity will offer high potency supplements, organic and health foods suited to the market in question and Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines and literature, along with Yoga, Breathing, and Massage services, both in mobile vans and fixed locations through a unique design envisioned by Mr Gandhi, called the ‘Panacea Cube’. IIS is currently negotiating with US Casino and MedSpa groups to place Panacea Cubes at their facilities.

IIS is also planning an India launch following the US launch. More importantly, IIS will source Natural Single Flower Honey and several fruit wines being produced in India (initially, the list will include Gooseberry/Amla, Fig, Pomegranate, and Moringa/Drumstick wines) from India for distribution in the United States through our Panacea Cubes. IIS is also looking at very high-quality India-produced traditional foods including Millet-based Pasta and Noodles, ready-to-eat Indian Vegan Meals, and dried/dehydrated Indian fruits including Indian Blackberry/Jamun, Mango and more.

IIS’s plans are not limited to these starting initiatives. The organization believes that our hard-working farmers, craftspeople and traditional talent have solutions that the world needs. IIS is hence committed to providing ethical, environment-friendly solutions to the issues the world is facing now.

IIS India Coordinator Dr Vijay Pratap Kushwaha can be contacted by clicking on the link to the Website: www.iisusa.org

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