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Sunday, December 3, 2023

In Uttarakhand, more than 100 “missing” doctors will be blacklisted

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It is currently difficult for the Uttarakhand health department to locate 109 doctors who have been listed as “absent from duty” for the past few years. Despite not being present at hospitals, the doctors’ names are still in the records.These doctors are believed to have withheld information on their whereabouts from the relevant authorities for a number of years. As a result, the department has decided to fire them and put them on a blacklist. The action suggests that the doctors won’t be able to work for the government or join the health department in the future.

Almost ten years ago, several of the medics were hired. They allegedly either failed to show up for work or quit after a short period of time.

“The 109 doctors have been given a show-cause notice.” They will soon have their services terminated, and the department will put them on a blacklist as “the health department’s joint director (admin),” Dr. AM Johri.

Some of the doctors had enrolled in state-run medical schools under the government’s bond program, which required them to make a 2- to 3-year commitment to state service in exchange for tuition reductions. They did not, however, abide by the bond’s terms.”Some of these doctors, after finding greater chances elsewhere, moved jobs without seeking authorization from the health department,” one of the practicing physicians at the directorate of health told TOI.A different physician added, “It is shocking to discover that the doctors simply shifted to private practice without paying their debts to the health department.” These actions must be strictly enforced because they violate the service rules.In addition, R. Rajesh Kumar, secretary of the health department, raised the matter during a presentation at the state government’s brainstorming session on Wednesday in Mussoorie. He stated that it is critical to properly map out doctors to community health centers and primary care clinics.

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