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Time Management: Why is it important to make good use of time?

Nothing is permanent in this world except change. Find out why it is so much important to make good use of time

Time is that precious nectar, which can enhance one’s life as well as spoil it. Till date no one has escaped from the cycle of time and no one will ever be able to escape.

All the great men and successful people who have been there till date have always used the time in a brilliant way, because of which we recognize them today. All the people in this world get exactly the same amount of time as a successful person gets.

It is a matter of thinking that someone becomes great by using 24 hours, while someone becomes poor and helpless by wasting time.

Birth, old age and death are all games of time. One who understands this game of time becomes prosperous. There is nothing in the world that can be compared to the precious time.

Even if all the rich people of the world sell their property together, they cannot buy time.

The work which should be done tomorrow, if possible, should be completed today. The work which can be done today should not be left for tomorrow, because no one knows when tomorrow will come.

Time has so much power that it can make a fakir a king and can make a king a poor and helpless fakir. Time determines your future.

The best teacher in the world is time, the lessons taught are remembered for a lifetime. The past time never comes back, that’s why it should always be used honestly and wisely.

Why is it important to make good use of time?

It is the desire of all the people to enjoy the desired comforts in their life. But there are only a few people who succeed by using their time in the right way.

It has always been a human tendency that he never appreciates the thing which is given to him for free. Whether it is food, water, oxygen and time. People become aware of the real things of their life only in the absence of things.

If you are devoting your time to something that can help you build your future, then you are certainly moving in the right direction.

But often people spend their whole day in fun, roaming around, entertainment and procrastination. Such people never get big achievements in their life.

Every person wishes to find happiness in his life, but this will happen only when the circumstances are made favorable by using the time appropriately. If the value of time can be understood from the student life itself, then what can be a better thing than this.

This is the phase of life where the most difficult endeavors can be done easily. Time management is one of the most difficult things in the world.

If time is used properly, then half of the problems or troubles of life will end automatically. Time doesn’t do injustice to anyone, it gives equal chance to everyone.

The first step to get success is the proper use of time. Just like the time limit is fixed in the exam, in the same way there is a limited time in life.

When a flowing stream stops moving, it takes the form of a polluted pond or a pit of water. But if the same current breaks through the obstacles or rocks on the way, then it stops only after going into the vast sea.

Something like this happens with us too, when people challenge difficulties, success kisses their feet. When someone spends time by procrastinating or passing time, then his future is very pathetic.

Guru Chanakya has said that

Words spoken and time passed never come back.

In today’s time, people value money the most. People fool no one but themselves, because money can be earned again, but time wasted can never be brought back. That’s why proper use of time should be the first priority in life.

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