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India’s first Metaverse Salon – STUDIEO7. Explore the new, mysterious, and largely undefined space in Metaverse

It might seem somewhat crazy that an industry-like beauty that is rooted in sensory experiences where personal touch and physical treatments are the keys – is now being transformed and re-invented for a Virtual world where we cannot smell, touch, or feel what is in front of you. But it’s happening!!!!  Yes, You heard it right…

Studieo7 has become the first brand in India to introduce Metaverse into beauty salons and now they are quickly adapting to establish themselves in the digital realm.

The beauty & self-care industry has seen a revelation of late. With dense access to information, people have prioritized wellness and self-care as a rightful extension of their life. Acknowledging this trend, Mr. Rajesh, the founder of Studieo7 looked beyond the boundaries and dove deep into the knells of the business. A man with the motive to equate wellness with the best luxury experience available gave birth to Studieo 7.

They have successfully created the largest integrated portfolios and gathered a sense of brand resonance among our customers. As said, “Hope grows tenfold when it’s armed with foresight”, Studieo7 has unfolded its wings into different states in India & has signed 60+ locations across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Kerala.

Now they have stepped into the Metaverse, marking their name as the first salon brand in India to have implemented Metaverse. “Our business vision is to make customers look and feel their utmost beauty, every single moment. Now we are extending our vision to make customers experience this in VR (Virtual Reality) as well. The aim of Metaverse is to enhance understanding of the capabilities exerting influence on effective 3D virtual team collaboration.

Any beauty brand’s metaverse strategy comes down to customer engagement. The old business model was the brand’s work at “Meet consumers where they are at”, Increasing the number of customers also increased the amount of time and space. Studieo7 decided to address this via Metaverse.

The metaverse is essentially limitless in terms of how one can express themselves through things like their avatars and it’s that will unlock more surreal beauty looks, new areas of inclusivity, and abstract self-expression. In simple words, it’s a place where you can be anything you want to be and look however you want to look, without any restraints or restrictions you might encounter in real life.

Beauty might have been built initially on commodification, but now it is all about technology, experiences, and education. Studieo7 strongly believes that, As the technology evolves, the sophistication also increases.

The founder Mr. Rajesh Kumar says “ In real life, we would be super limited to one location, time zone and be stagnant in our placement, but here we could showcase our brand and products in a new way and to a large audience. It’s unlocked a huge amount of potential and we’re just about to host the first-ever salon metaverse experience”.

It is as easy as using AR filters and clients will definitely like the experience of this advanced technology. As of now clients with the help of VR, are able to virtually see the infrastructure of the salon and its alignments. In the future, Studieo7 will be able to let customers book appointments, see the portfolio, create avatars and even apply and choose the hairstyles, beard styles, etc. Website – https://www.studieo7.in/


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