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Voice of India Amol Nile wins Sakal Idols of Maharashtra award 2022 as top-notch anchor

Top-notch anchor Amol Nile has been bestowed with the Sakal Idols of Maharashtra award 2022, in a great moment of pride.

Marriages are made in heaven and celebrated on earth, and everyone wants their family weddings to be remembered for a long time. But only a top-notch wedding anchor like Amol Nile can make your family wedding a memorable blockbuster.

Anchoring is a special ability that is more than just someone speaking into the microphone to fill in the gaps between agendas. Guests at a wedding nowadays expect more than simply wonderful cuisine and lovely decorations. The greatest arrangements can be made in terms of location, food, entertainment, and decorating, but what brings the event to life and makes it successful is the host/anchor who can make the visitors enjoy the event and remember the time they spent there. The elaborate festivities with days-long ceremonies at Indian weddings may be exhausting. But, when you want to sit back and enjoy the ceremonies, hiring a wedding event anchor who can also assist you arrange the entire wedding is the perfect option. That is where Anchor Amol can be your much-needed aid, as he will also arrange the entire wedding for you.

Anchoring is a fast-growing industry with many anchors, but Amol Nile is a shining star among them all. You may be wondering what makes Amol Nile the greatest anchoring expert in the market. Well the fact is that he has built a great niche in the anchoring sector with his own style of anchoring. The sheer amount of talent he possesses, as well as his diverse set of talents, makes him outstanding.  He is a mimicry artist who will provide a celebrity touch to your event. He also works as a voice-over artist and has 107 distinct vocal modulations. Amol is fluent in six languages, removing any communication barriers. Character Play is the most crucial component of his anchoring. He will make the occasion more fun with the 15 characters he can play, including Siddhu Pajji, Sanjay Dutt, Dhanush (Maari), KGF fame Yash, Allu Arjun Pushpa, Simmba, or even an Arabian guy. People enjoy his unique style of humor when he performs as a stand-up comedian and affectionately call him The Hype Creator, The King Of Sangeet, and The Voice Of India.

Amol Nile provides his services as an Event Anchor, Host, Emcee, and Compere For Corporate Shows. He can make your Sangeet Ceremony, Wedding Event, Annual Day Function, Movie Promotion, Party, Award Function, and Anniversary Event sparkling and memorable.

Amol Nile is now one of the most popular wedding anchors. He is well-known not just in his home state of Maharashtra, but also throughout India and in locations such as Dubai. Amol Nile has grown rapidly in his career in a matter of 5 to 7 years. But, he started his life in a small lower-middle-class house. Most of us have to work hard to attain success in our careers, but we must never give up. It was indeed Amol Nile’s perseverance and hard work that helped him climb the ladder of success.

Speaking on what motivated him to become what he is today, Anchor Amol says “I was fond of mimicry since I was a child and started doing it by watching the great Bollywood artist, Jonny Liver. A marriage is a special event for everybody, especially the bride-groom and his family. I wanted to make the event memorable when I entered the anchoring industry. And have since tried to make people remember the  wedding, as well as my name and the time they enjoy with me. That is what motivates me to give my 100% best to all the events that I have been anchor since I entered the industry.”

Amol Nile is now proud to have received the prestigious Sakal Idols of Maharashtra award 2022 on 11th June at Tipop Plaza hotel in Thane, Mumbai. Sakal Media Group hosted the event to recognize those Bhumiputras (Sons of the Soil) who have inspired our motherland with their extraordinary efforts across Maharashtra. Ms. Vidya Chavan, President of NCP, well-known singer Anuradha Paudwal, and popular tv actors and actresses from Colors and Starpravah networks were among those who attended the glittering event.

There are other awards too waiting to be picked up by Amol Nile including:

  • Pride of India
  • Bhartiya Ratna award
  • Excellence in Voice Over artist

Right now he wants to try his luck in voice dubbing too. Very soon he will also be seen in South Indian movies. Instagram – @anchoramolnile


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