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Influencer Bites the Dust: Bournvita Video Scrapped Due to Cadbury’s Legal Notice

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A health and nutrition influencer who had uploaded a video on Instagram criticising Bournvita’s dangerous components was sent with a legal notice by its producer, Cadbury.

Revant Himatsingka, who runs the foodpharmer Instagram account, posted a one-minute review of Bournvita. He began by displaying the front package of Bournvita, which states “Active Brain, Strong Muscles, Strong Bones, and Immune System” as advantages. He then stated that prior to the Covid pandemic, they did not advertise Bournvita as being beneficial to immunity. He said that they had made no modifications to their product but had added immunity since it was selling well.

He stated it contains cocoa solids, sugar, which is basically chocolate, and colour (150C), which he explained is caramel colour that is notorious for promoting cancer and lowering immunity.

He went on to say that 100 grammes of Bournvita has 50 grammes of sugar. He then stated that Cadbury is a chocolate company, not a health firm. The Instagram Reel went viral, garnering almost 12 million views and being shared by actors Paresh Rawal and Kirti Azad. However, Revant removed the video after Cadbury served him with a legal warning.

Bournvita India’s Twitter account also addressed the topic, claiming that it includes minerals such as Vitamin A, C, D, Iron, Zinc, Copper, and Selenium, all of which help strengthen immunity.


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