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Inspiring story of rickshaw driver’s son who got admission at IIM Ahmedabad

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Dreams really do come true. Laxmikanth Reddy, the son of an autorickshaw driver, realized his father’s goal by gaining admission to IIM Ahmedabad.

When Laxmikanth Reddy’s father used to drop off students at convent schools in his autorickshaw, he dreamed of sending his son to a convent school and entering the corporate world. Today, the father’s hope came true as his kid was accepted into IIM Ahmedabad for a PGPX programme. He obtained this position at IIM Ahmedabad because to his determination and tenacity, and he has set an example for many future hopefuls.

Laxmikanth Reddy is a Telangana native from Godavarikhani. He is from a low and basic farming background. Because farming was unprofitable, his father took up driving an autorickshaw, but he soon quit owing to his disability.

Laxmikanth’s life was not a joyful one before gaining admission to IIM Ahmedabad. He attended a Telugu medium school until the seventh grade. Following that, his father gathered money to transport him to a convent school, where he had previously dropped off other children.

Laxmikanth then attends the convent school from 8th to 10th grade.

Following that, he received a scholarship to study science in junior college. He was later awarded a scholarship at the Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology. In 2016, he received his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering. During this time, his father became ill, and Laxmikant Reddy was forced to conduct tutoring and rely on the generosity of his community to support his daily needs.

He was hired by a software development business in Hyderabad in 2019. During this period, he also co-founded a company with his buddies to promote terrace gardening and farming. When everything looked to be going well, COVID struck, putting an end to his plans to study management.

His desire never wavered; in fact, it increased, and he studied hard in 2020 to pass the CAT – Common Admission Test in 2021. For him, it was a dream come true. He is now an MBA student at IIM Ahmedabad. Laxmikanth Reddy plans to purchase a home for his parents after completing his PGPX at IIM Ahmedabad in 2023.

His appreciation for his parents is admirable, since they were the ones who instilled in him the desire to succeed and support their education. In this journey, his parents, sister, and community are pillars of support.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad is one of the country’s most diverse business schools. It has paved the way for many young pupils who are now prospering.

Laxmiknath Reddy hopes to gain an enormous amount of information and expertise at IIM Ahmedabad and get a high-paying profession to assist his family and realize his unspoken goals. Laxmikanth has previously had little luck with money on this voyage. However, with his acceptance of admission to IIM Ahmedabad, he has the opportunity to alter himself and his family’s fortunes.

Laxmikanth Reddy wants to be a business owner. Getting into IIM Ahmedabad’s business school is like a door opening for him to realize his aspirations and enter the corporate sphere, as his father had desired for him.

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