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Interesting traveling story of Two girls Ankita and Sharanya in Caravan.

Ankita and Sharanya are traveling in different parts of India and sharing this memorable experience. They are content writers from two different locations and come together for it. 

Ankita and Sharanya are content writers and they have been writing about various places. Anika is from Bangalore and Sharanya Iyer is from Mumbai. They have been traveling together for a while and keep on writing about their traveling experience. But the traveling method they have chosen is quite different from the conventional method of traveling.

Exploring the various locations 

They have been spending nearly a month exploring the various parts of the sikkim. They have been traveling in a tempo and living in it and they have named his caravan Luna. You must have heard about the conventional methods of traveling like through the bus, train, or car. Nevertheless, they have taken the new initiative by traveling in the small tempo, and despite living in the hotel; they have been living in their own tempo. This is a wonderful experience, which they have been sharing with each other.

Origin of idea

Initially, the idea of traveling in a Matador came from a friend. He gave the idea of traveling in a caravan to entire Europe. She was very impressed with this particular idea and started working on this concept. They started the journey from Kerala to Himachal Pradesh for a hundred days in the Matador. This is how the first season of the Caravan Chronicles took place as per Ankita.

Starting journey 

At the starting of the journey, they faced many sorts of challenges in the middle of the way. But despite giving up they stuck to it and made up their mind to continue the journey in any situation. This determination gave them enough ideas and creative methods of facing challenging situations in life. They started learning the things and this is how they manage to deal with the toughest situations during the journey. This made them perfect and they could continue with their journey without any complication.

First phase completion and experience 

They said that the first phase of their journey worked well and got a very good response. Due to this, they decided to start the second phase of the journey. They said the caravan is the untouched concept in India and they prefer to continue with it to get a good response from everyone who listens and sees these two girls starting a new era of traveling in India. They said that they faced many challenging situations when they have to face the difficulties of crossing the landscapes and getting security permits. Overall, they said that it was one of the best experiences for them, which they would like to add as the most beautiful part of the traveling experience. Both Ankita and Sharanya feel great about their experience.

Choosing to Sikkim

They have chosen the sikkim for its remarkable beauty. You can find many landscapes there which are highly appreciated for their natural beauty. The other thing is the unsaid beauty of the mountain, greenery, and lovely weather. There are many special things about the natural beauty of the sikkim. Traveling to these places will be giving you a mind-blowing experience that you cannot find anywhere else.

Ankita and Sharanya are wonderful girls to have their experienced traveling shared with everyone. Thus both given preference to the skin state of India. On the various social media platforms, they have shared the snaps of their journey which got thousands of likes. They have traveled to various parts of the sikkim, which are remarkable.

Connecting with culture 

In the middle of their journey, they also hosted some kids who traveled with them and this made them realized the importance of the caravan culture. This I something which connects them sikkim state and its people. Ankita and Sharanya have proved their traveling for girls is now not just a dream.


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