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Madhureeta Anand created a safety app for her daughter and succeed as a successful woman

Madhureeta Anand was always worried about the safety of her daughter. This motivated her to designed a safety app to find a secure and safe area for her.

Mudhureeta made an app for the security of her daughter when she turned 16. It is very hard to stop the kids from roaming around the various parts of the city and country when they get to this age. Female safety is always a concern in most parts of the world including some parts of India. But finding the safest places for girls is always a challenging task. We always need someone to guide and help us with this concern.

Bad experience of life

Great people are not great because they found something new. The actual provide a great solution to big problems and make it look tiny. They make the life of people very easy and our super mom did this for her daughter and in this way she also helped to get the safety of other moms in India as well. By profession, she is a filmmaker and writer. She has also been working for the girl’s safety and gender equality.

Her own experience is not good with life because she had to face the attacks by a miscreant as well in New Delhi. She describes it as one of the worst experiences of her life. This incident made her think about women’s security and safety in different places. When her daughter turned 16, she was quite concerned about her safety, and then she started working on a particular application named Phree App.

Phree app – revolution

Phree app is very special in the matter of helping women. This works well for the safety of females. And the best part is that the transgender community is also included in it. This app helps the users to rate a particular place in the matter of safety. These places can be anything including the streets, areas, parking places. There is even a map given which helps the users to find out about the safety issues of particular places. The best part is that world-class features are given in this Indian app. All the Indian technology is used in the making of this particular app and it is helping the users in a great manner.

Availability on stores

You will be surprised to know the fact that now this particular app is available on the google play stores and more than one thousand downloading is also done. The number of users of this particular app has been increasing with the passing of every day. This app describes the innovation thought to deal with the women’s security issue. Mudhureeta has made it possible with her dedication and a strong belief in her abilities. Despite complaining about the situation she took the initiative to deal with and face the problem.

Helpful for single mothers

Single mothers face many challenges in their life. The security of the kids in particular girls is a big challenge for them. As a mother, she never wanted to ask stupid questions from her daughter like where she has been or where she is going. But taking care of her security is always a matter of tension. But this indeed motivated her and she came with the unique idea of creating this app. Now with the help of these particular apps, girls can know about the safety of any particular café, restaurant, gym, or mall. They can also explore and give ratings to nearby places. This app will notify them in case of any unsafe place.


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