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Japan Earthquake: Massive earthquake shakes Tokyo; how to protect yourself when earthquake strikes

On Friday, a massive earthquake shook the area of Japan that is located to the east. On Friday, May 26, according to local public broadcaster NHK, an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale struck eastern Japan. It has been claimed by the local media that the earthquake not only caused buildings in Tokyo to shake, but also caused its effects to be felt in the prefectures that are around Tokyo. NHK, on the other hand, has verified that there was not a tsunami warning issued following the earthquake.

The earthquake reportedly took place at 1003 GMT, the local hour, according to the local media. The earthquakes were so powerful that they caused buildings in Tokyo and the prefectures that surround it to shake violently. Minor and moderate earthquakes are extremely prevalent in Japan, which is one of the places with the highest risk of earthquakes in the entire world.

On March 11 and 2011, Japan was struck by the most catastrophic and powerful earthquake that had ever occurred there. The entire nation was then shaken by an earthquake of magnitude 9 that occurred off the northeast coast, which was followed by a large tsunami.

What causes earthquakes to take place?

The crashing together of the tectonic plates that are found on the interior of the earth is by far the most significant contributor to the occurrence of earthquakes. The seven plates that make up the interior of the planet are constantly spinning in a clockwise direction. When these plates come into contact with one another at some point, a fault line zone is created in that location, and the edges of the surface fold inward.

Because of the way the surface corners, there is a buildup of pressure in that area, which causes the plates to begin cracking. When these plates finally give way, the stored energy within finds a way to escape, which causes the earth to tremble as a result.

How can you protect yourself when  an earthquake strikes?
If an earthquake occurs while you are at home, you should sit on the floor.
Take cover under a table or other piece of substantial furniture and use your hands to shield your head and face.
Remain inside until the tremors begin, and then leave the building only after they have subsided.
1. If the earthquake struck while you were asleep and you were lying in bed at the time, you should remain lying down and protect your head with a pillow.
2. Put the house in safe mode by turning off all of the electrical switches.
3. Cover the mouth with a handkerchief or other piece of material if you find yourself buried under the rubble during an earthquake.
4. Continue to ring the pipe or wall to alert the rescuers to the fact that you are buried under the debris so that they can locate you.
5. Continue to yell even if you don’t have a solution, and try not to become discouraged.
6. When an earthquake strikes, do not use the elevator; instead, take the stairs to descend.

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