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Why’s Google asked to pay over $32M to audio tech firm Sonos?; know the entire issue

Google patent infringement case: Google has been ordered to pay Sonos $32.5 million in compensation for infringing on a smart speaker patent held by Sonos. A jury found that Google had violated five smart speaker-related patents owned by Sonos.

Google has been ordered by a court in the United States to pay the high-tech audio technology business Sonos the sum of $32.5 million in compensation for infringing on the smart speaker patent held by Sonos. A jury in San Francisco came to the conclusion that Google’s smart speakers and media players violated one of Sonos’s two patents in the matter that was before them.

According to the verdict of the jury, Google will have to pay $2.30 for each of the more than 14 million gadgets that were sold. In a decision that was handed down in January of the previous year, the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) found that Google had violated five smart speaker-related patents owned by the high-tech speaker and audio technology business Sonos.
The verdict was handed down by the court the previous year.

A judge in the United States found in August of the previous year that Google had violated the Sonos patent. Sonos had earlier sued the internet giant Google in January 2020 for allegedly duplicating its design for a wireless speaker and asked the International Trade Commission to ban several items made by Google, including laptops, phones, and speakers.

In his testimony before the US House Antitrust Committee, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence stated that Google prevented the business from activating both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant at the same time.

According to Google, there should be no impact on the company’s capacity to import or sell its products as a result of this. Sonos claims that Google has violated a total of one hundred of its patents.

Google has never wavered from its position that the company’s technology was independently created and was in no way inspired by Sonos’s work. The tech giant additionally filed a lawsuit against Sonos, claiming that the latter infringed upon patents related to voice control technology and smart speakers.

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