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Jenburkt Wellness launches D2C brand Zixa Strong – An innovative, fast-acting pain relief range

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Zixa Strong harnesses innovative Oil in Water FlashMicelle® Technology, with a powerful dual-action composition for fast relief from intense pain.

Jenburkt Wellness, the premium consumer-wellness division from the house of publicly listed organization Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd, announced the launch of Zixa Strong, a high-performing pain-relief range that delivers fast-acting and long-lasting relief from muscle and joint pains. Created using an innovative, scientifically advanced oil-in-water FlashMicelle® technology, Zixa Strong promises to create a revolution in the pain relief category with its non-greasy, quick-absorption mechanism and unique formula for immediate pain relief.
The advanced FlashMicelle® technology is a combination of ultra-rapid mixing techniques, and a uniquely powerful approach to modify the structure of oil-based formulations to improve their therapeutic efficacy substantially. The natural, pure active ingredients are encapsulated within the all-powerful Micelle to ensure quick absorption and rapid pain relief.

“As a part of our product promotion of Zixa Strong we would run a nationwide #RiseAgainWithZixa campaign to celebrate and showcase those individuals who have risen above challenging and painful hardships and accomplished unbelievable achievements.  These stories keep inspiring the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary ~ as pain is part of the process ~ all that we need to do is Rise Again,” said. Ashish Uttam Bhuta, Chairman and Managing Director – Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Limited. The brand has launched a 3-minute digital ad film which you can watch here.

Zixa Strong – a topical analgesic – has been developed at Jenburkt’s R & D Centre by a team of experienced professionals. It is targeted at the rapidly growing healthy and fit population of India. The product range is recommended for fast-acting, long-lasting relief from back pain, rheumatic pain, muscular aches, pains and swellings such as strains, sprains and sports injuries. It is also suitable for the relief from pain associated with non-serious arthritic conditions.

The Chairman and Managing Director of Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Limited, Ashish Uttam Bhuta, also added, “Every fifth person is likely to be suffering from some kind of pain, according to a study by the World Health Organization’s Global Burden of Disease. With a long experience and expertise in pain management, at Jenburkt Wellness, we were inspired to pioneer a scientifically advanced, natural and skin-friendly pain relief range powered by FlashMicelle® Technology. Zixa Strong is our very first digital & first over-the-counter (OTC) brand, and we are privileged to create highly-effective powerful products that can relieve pain. We plan to add multiple products to the Zixa range over the course of this year.”

Traditionally, there are two completely different routes to treat pain. Apply something hot or apply something cold. Zixa Strong is a dual-action analgesic that provides both heat and cold therapy to the affected areas at the same instant! Additionally, Zixa Strong is composed of natural (plant-based) ingredients without the addition of any artificial preservative, additive, colour, silicones, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

Dr Ambrish Srivastava, Physician & Clinical Consultant with over 3 decades of experience, said, ”The formulation is designed to provide skin safety – without any risk of skin irritation. The safety of this natural product allows frequent & prolonged use making it a uniquely high-performing analgesic.”

Zixa Strong is available in 3 variants:

  1. Fast-Acting Pain Relief Gel (55 gm – MRP Rs. 306)
  2. Innovative Roll-On for on-the-go pain relief (55 gm – MRP Rs. 315)
  3. Fast-Acting Spray (75 ml – MRP Rs. 324)

The Zixa Strong range is available for purchase online on Amazon India and directly on their e-commerce website www.zixa.co which offers free shipping and delivery pan-India.

Founded in 1985, Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a public-listed pharmaceutical organisation headquartered in Mumbai, India with a presence spanning 13 countries. The purpose of Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd is to serve those in need of quality healthcare by bringing revolutionary, life-changing therapeutic solutions that are accessible to all. Jenburkt Wellness, from the house of renowned pharmaceutical organisation Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Limited, aims to conceptualize, formulate, manufacture and vet the highest-quality portfolio of consumer wellness brands to consistently raise the standards of healthcare.

In an ever-changing health landscape, the rapt attention to market trends, innovation, the keen focus on quality above all else, and the team’s restless perseverance to deliver ground-breaking new healthcare solutions set them apart. With over 850+ committed team members across functions pan-India, Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Ltd has 11 million+ prescriptions generated annually, reaching up to 400,000 pharmacies, across the globe.


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