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How a coolie’s son built Rs 100 cr Id Fresh Food after failing in school

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PC Mustafa, a coolie’s son, is the CEO of Id Fresh Food. This IIM Banglore graduate, who built the Rs 100 crore turnover business, once failed in school.

When we think of success, we think of a lot of challenges, and it is tough to achieve, but it is not impossible since the term “impossible” itself indicates “I am possible.” When we are motivated and committed to our goals, everything becomes accessible and attainable.

Sometimes we lose confidence and don’t attempt to battle the issue, but for those who see it as a challenge and are dedicated to achievement, nothing is too difficult to overcome.

Failure encourages us to attempt new things in order to reach our objectives. A person who failed class 6 and now runs a firm worth Rs 100 crore named “Id Fresh Food.”

PC Mustafa is the entrepreneur, CEO, and co-founder of ID Fresh Food. Failure does not decide our fate; rather, it is determined by our choices. Because he believed in his efforts, PC Mustafa was able to build a remarkable firm.

In India, “Id Fresh Food” is quite popular. ID fresh meals are now available in Dubai as well as in Indian homes. P.C. Mustafa, the CEO and co-founder of this firm, started it in 2005. The company’s headquarters are in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

In a single day, the firm sells 2000 packs of coriander and tomato chutney, 200,000 parathas, and 40,000 chapatis. Over 3000 young people are trying to supply millions of Indians with preservative-free and healthful dosa and idli batter. ID Fresh now manufactures approximately 80,000 kg of food goods in their factory with a total investment of roughly 6 crores and makes more than 110 crores in revenue.

The enterprise was founded by PC Mustafa and his four relatives, Shamsudeen TK, Jafar, Abdul Nazar, and hundreds of TA. They used to make a living selling Idli and dosas on the streets.

ID Fresh Food is one of India’s major food enterprises, offering a variety of dosa and idli tastes, including ragi idli/batter and oats dosa.

PC Mustafa is an encouragement to all young people. He is one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs, and his tale motivates everyone to come up with a unique concept.

PC Mustafa was born in Chennalode, a rural hamlet in Kerala’s Wayanad region.

His father was a daily wage labourer who worked as a coolie, while his mother was a housewife. Mustafa joined his father at the age of ten to help his family’s financial situation.

Mustafa failed in class six, but he excelled in class seven. He had to fight with his destiny a lot because of his poverty, yet he never gave up.

Mustafa joined “ID Fresh Food” firm as CEO in Charge in 2007, after graduating from IIM Banglore, and we can see that the company is profitable. PC Mustafa is referred to as the “Breakfast King.”

When we don’t have enough money or are going through a difficult time in our lives, it looks like everything is difficult and impossible.

We can’t overlook the reality that money functions as the economy’s blood. However, if you are completely motivated and determined to achieve anything, no one can stop you, and a lack of resources will not impede your development.

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