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Journey with a motive of GREEN INDIA. HORN OK BEEJ

Jaydev Yadav from Mumbai and Adv. Sachin Kumar Pingale from Alibag traveled to seven states of India seeding the seeds for green India. They have done this journey HORN OK BEEj which is one of its kind.

You must have seen many travel bloggers who are traveling to different parts of the world. But have you heard that someone especially traveling to make the GREEN INDIA and give a new message to the coming generations?

Mr. Jaydev Yadav from Mumbai and Adv. Sachin Kumar Pingale from Alibag has done their seven state journey Horn Ok Beej, for green India. Now their efforts are also recognized by the forest department with the certification of appreciation. Latest find out, how and where did they start and what they did to make mother earth look beautifully clean and green.

We heard in the news daily that clean air level is decreasing and pollution is increasing at a drastic rate. The major reason is deforestation and cutting down of trees for commercial and other purposes. Many people do pomp and show when they plant a single sapling. Afterward, they forget about it and nobody cares. But Jaydev and Sachin have made it quite interesting and connected all Indians in their green India journey, Horn Ke Beej.

Where did the journey start?

The journey started with the initiative of Mr. Sachin Kumar Pingale who is an advocate in Alibag. He is working in the High court. He originally came with a plan to start a travel vlog to make sure that people get knowledge about the tree plantation. They started it so that they can spread some seeds in the various parts of India to make to more green. They both get connected and started working on this particular plan in march 2020. But due to covid-19, entire India was locked down and they have to postpone their idea of working in the same direction.

Deciding about the journey

Financially Jadev and machine started working again on their plan in the month of sep when permission was given to the general public for crossing the states. Earlier it was banned and one has to obtain special permission to do so. Now they were thinking about the starting point.

For this, they started searching on the google search engine and came to know that the government of India measure the geographical situation of India on a horizontal basis for Koteshwar. This lies in the Gujrat and this stuck their mind. They decided to start their journey from there. However, it is a small village at the horizontal end of India. East part of India has its end in the Arunachal Pardesh, Teju village.

Travel and seeding

Both friends made their mind to travel this part of India to start their journey with lots of seed for the plantation in the way and make India a greener place. During the journey to both shores of India, they have gone through seven Indian states which include Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam & Arunachal Pradesh. They are seeding the seeds in their journey and make vlogs to make people aware of the importance of greenery.

Green India message

The duo says that it is the right time to think about it. If we will keep ignoring it, we may have to buy the oxygen from the market to breathe as if we do buy masks now in a pandemic. They further add that this era may end soon but pollution will not and we have to make constant efforts to give clean air to our coming generation. The trip was not sponsored and they were working on their own. 


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