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Jugal Sachanandani (Aka DJ Jugal): World’s Youngest Bollywood DJ & Producer

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There is nothing better for an artist than a loving audience

Achieving is an art mastered by those who are born with passion and raised with dreams. Jugal Sachanandani now famously known as DJ Jugal is one of the most heard figures in the Bollywood nightlife industry in Dubai. He is one such prodigy who chased his dreams and became a sensation in the party life of Dubai.

As is said, there is no limit to the greatness it’s not DJing our young Maestro is known for but also his unavoidable contribution to the Music Production industry. One of the impeccable in both DJ Jugal is a man whose tunes travel across the globe. His compositions throb in the hearts of millions of listeners.

While the industry was emerging with a paradigm shift in music from tapes to electronic in the era of the nineties, DJ Jugal experienced this sensation through his soul in the set-up he would soon master. While treading his way through the gallows of the industrial know-how he never put up learning. What keeps you going is the will to learn and grow with every opportunity. DJ Jugal staunchly kept pace with the fast-changing trends, technology and style to become an open format DJ.

DJ Jugal, the youngest known Bollywood DJ and Producer amongst one of the most celebrated figures too. As a truly successful man, he considers every event an achievement to be cherished. While performing with his favourite celebrities like AP Dhillon, Nora Fatehi, and Guru Randhawa has been a personal highlight of his journey so far. Being a man of ambition this young prodigy now looks forward to composing some originals with the celebrities.

Every deep-rooted passion seeks its origins in childhood, as a kid, DJ Jugal had always cherished music and was completely into it. With this vision in his mind, DJ Jugal left India in his growing stages aspiring to make it big. He moved to Dubai and the conditions were perplexing in the trends of a new city to grow, learn and achieve together. The difficulties shaped a hardworking young professional carving his destiny.

He has so far liquified all the boundaries and conquered all genres. Over the years he has constantly worked on his skills to stay at the top of the industry. Starting from scratch DJ Jugal now plays at the finest venues across the Asian continent. While living his dream of taking Bollywood to a global stage DJ Jugal is nurturing this industry to new heights.


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