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K Madhavan built India’s largest spring mattress company in his 50s

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A former Kurl-On employee, K Madhavan, founded a new business when he was over 50 years old. Peps Industries is well known as  India’s biggest spring mattress company.

K Madhavan,  who founded Peps Industries, and now serves as its managing director, is an embodiment of the fact that we can fulfill our dreams and achieve our goals if we’re determined to do so. Peps Industries which is widely known as the largest spring mattress company in India has its headquarters in Bengaluru.

K Madhavan has nearly 40 years of experience in the mattress market and explains why he’s the best in the business. He is one of the developers who pioneered the notion of branded mattresses to India and saw it through to completion. He has done an outstanding job not just in putting the idea into action, but also in promoting the significance of sleep.

In Mumbai, Maharashtra, he earned his Executive MBA from the SP Jain Institute of Management and Research.

His career began in the rubber sector as a management trainee with Kurl-On in Bangalore in 1977. During his time at Kurl-On, he was an important component of the company’s success and also served as the President of Operations.

K Madhavan also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Polymer Technology from the Indian Rubber Institute and is a member of the All India Rubber Industries Association.

K Madhavan was diagnosed with a sleep disorder and began having restless nights. He was 55 years old, but the problem had nothing to do with his age or his job. He remarked, as usual, that there was only one minor player in India and that the business was controlled by foam and coir mattresses.  As a result, they decided to test this in South India.

All three of them had formulated their ideas, purchased the local manufacturing unit, and formed a partnership with Restonic Corporation, one of the top spring mattress businesses in the United States, to form Peps Industries.

In an interview, K Madhavan stated that they want an appealing name and had established various criteria. They desired a name that people would always remember and recall fast.

The second was that the name should not represent the nature of the goods, and the third was that the name should pique people’s interest.

According to K Madhavan, they discovered significance for Pepsi roughly 15 years later. He said that it was the ideal explanation for calm sleep and that it had liberated him from his sleep condition.

As previously stated, Peps Industries has now become the largest spring mattress company in India, selling over 3 lakh mattresses each year. It also intends to expand its operations into western markets, pushing it to the next level.

According to sources, the firm gets 80 percent of its sales from south India, and K Madhavan has confidently said that demand has increased in recent months.

Under the Dream Decor brand, they’ve also launched a new line of items that includes bed linen, duvets, fitted sheets, pillow coverings, quilts, and a variety of reclining pillows.

They began this because the concept “Why should Peps not symbolize an entire bedroom?” occurred to them.

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