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Khal- World’s First Cooking Social Media Platform

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Khal.com is a trailblazing online platform hosting a cooking social network for food connoisseurs, chefs, homemakers, and both seasoned & newbie cooks to discover, connect, and share their collective passion for food.

It is a New York-based cooking site, and also has garnered a reputation as the World’s First Cooking Social Media, making it a hub for cooking enthusiasts to create their exclusive profile for free and showcase their culinary prowess across the globe.

Already, a bevy of celebrity chefs and illustrious personalities are part of this burgeoning platform and are also monetizing there on the basis of their engagement levels and points compiled.

Khal platform helps the cooking obsessed community to incentivise their cooking skills, by allowing the users to interact and easily register from the comfort of their homes within minutes. It is poised to revolutionize the digital space by uniting the entire culinary world together, where if you have any intriguing and obscure skills such as plating intricate dishes or wizardry chopping skills, you can upload that as well. 

You simply cannot overlook Khal.com stand-out features!

1. User-Friendly Platform

To make this site easily accessible to food lovers all over the world, the sign-up process is kept minimal, and the website is also user-friendly and interactive

2. Multiple Options To Upload Your Recipe 

There are various options available on the platform to upload your cuisine. You can either upload photos or video format recipes directly from your phone device or simply import your food-related content videos from Youtube. 

3. You can Interact Hassle-free & Express your Opinion 

You can link to your social media handles and exhibit your cooking-related milestones in the bio section. In addition to that, you can also engage with everyone on the platform and share recipes from this platform across different social media channels.

You can even acknowledge the chef’s dish by clicking on the chef hat icon, a feature intended to prove that you curated a cuisine made by a particular chef.

4. You Will Be Accredited With Coveted Badges

Once you become a member of Khal, you will be assigned badges like Foodie, Chef, Master Chef, Cuisiner, Master Cuisiner, and one of its most prominent badges is the celebrity badge. Based on your level of activity on the platform, it will be assigned.

So what are you waiting for? Join Khal platform right away!


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