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Know how D2C brand Styched is using technology to solve fashion problems

After electronics, fashion is the second-largest category. This is the tale of a firm that is empowering local tailors to find work by leveraging technology and providing consumer-driven solutions.

 With fashionable and fresh trends, we are becoming hungry fast fashion shoppers. Fast fashion has become popular in this age of influencer-driven social media.

However, with rapid fashion comes criticism. Styched, a Bengaluru-based firm, aims to promote the uniqueness of bespoke clothing, which is on the decline.

Styched is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand that solves fashion difficulties using technology. Soumajit Bhowmik and Durga Dash created Styched in Bengaluru in 2019. Its core objective is to use technology-driven techniques to tackle the consumer problem of quick fashion.

Fast fashion is now raging the marketplace. Many people, from influencers to college students, prefer it. Fast fashion is a design, production, and marketing strategy that emphasizes high-volume, low-quality clothing. With increased demand and manufacture, the textile sector has become one of the world’s biggest pollutants, causing environmental damage. It is a major contributor to climate change.

 According to the startup’s creator, fashion is delicate. Its fashions and patterns fluctuate with the seasons.

It specifies that every fashion business may have between 50 and 500 distinct types of garments and designs available each season. They spend a lot of money on it because of the manufacturing. The ecology suffers as a result of everything from storage to massive production.

To address this issue, the fashion company does not use seasonal designs. Every week, their website is refreshed with over a thousand fresh and new designs.

There is no inventory, no liquidation, no waste, and no warehousing with Styched. It is a novel approach that is technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

The firm features an AI-driven machine as well as a powered backend intelligence that divides fibers into several patterns. Styched, a fashion company, has come to a halt in its path with its invention in the mobile application. Tailors in India may use the app to locate jobs online.

It assists local tailors in finding sewing jobs online.

Styched is assisting climate change with its tech-driven ways while also partnering and encouraging tailors to find job online. Styched was doing well with clothing manufacture and manufacturing for a variety of reasons.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the Styched method lost traction. Orders for school and college uniforms fell dramatically overnight. It put several tailors out of work for many days. Styched has assisted in overcoming the issue of unemployment by creating jobs and caring for them.

The Styched mobile application displays available jobs depending on orders received. Any tailor in desperate need of work is welcome to apply. Its goal is to produce sustainable fashion. They want individuals to be able to acquire qualified fitted garments at reasonable pricing.

With the goal of democratizing fashion, their clothing prices are frequently reasonable.

A tailor searching for work might display samples of their work. Styched then visits their facilities to inspect their machinery, and on occasion, they discover machinery for excellent customized garments.

Styched’s headquarters are in Bengaluru, but company has already established a presence in Delhi and plans to add a branch in Mumbai soon. It intends to hire 15,000 tailors within a year.

Investors contributed $1 million to Styched’s newest financing round in October 2021. Styched has already begun operations in the United Arab Emirates and plans to increase manufacturing in Europe. This direct-to-consumer firm intends to incorporate unstructured fashion into sustainable fashion.


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