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Know how Ginger Cup helps businesses connect with their target market

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An offline marketing company called Ginger Cup assists companies in connecting with their target market. Customers of Ginger Cup are B2B companies.

After work, people always relax with a cup of tea or coffee while talking about what they are now binge-watching on Netflix or Amazon and discussing their subscriptions, the newest gadgets, a new job update at any of the firms, and other topics.

You might be wondering why this issue is being discussed, but we have something for those who are interested in creativity and business.

The brand has nothing to do with the beverages, despite the fact that the name implies “Ginger tea.” You may have noticed the paper cups that are available at the live cold drink stores showing the brands; the brand is only about a simple yet effective marketing technique.

Similar to this, Ginger Cup is an offline marketing firm that assists businesses in reaching their target market. Ginger Cups provides paper tea and coffee cups with the name of the brand and a brief description of the company printed on them. Third-party suppliers are used to acquire the cups.

The creator, Mr. Deepak Bansal, an IT expert, and his co-founder, Ms. Devleena Neogi, an HR specialist, chose to launch such a firm in Bangalore, the city of origin, back in 2015 while keeping an open door policy in mind. The brand can potentially reach MNCs, SMEs, shopping centres, hospitals, and colleges.

The fillings for the cups in this for-profit business come from seed investment, or undisclosed, and angel investors. Mr. Sanket Gupta, head of Google USA, and Mr. Rahul Shah, technical lead at Microsoft, are the two primary organisations investing.

Clients are the lifeblood of every business, and for Ginger Cup, those customers include B2B companies like Hotstar, Uber, Volkswagen, NH Hospitals, Bookmyshow, Exide Life Insurance, Clovia, Bahubali, ISL-Delhi Dynamos, and Jet Airways. Being recognised for its tea and coffee paper cups, the brand is ready to expand its exposure to a powerful marketing tool and stop being limited to merely a beverage container.

The entrepreneur advocates gradually entering the lucrative market and fundraising while maintaining their emphasis on problem solutions as part of the expansion plan because it is a slow-moving process.

The system and the new dynamic market need observation, knowledge, and the creation of a raw strategy with a fresh touch.

Considering the aforementioned information and the vision and purpose statements, we can conclude that the brand is already inspiring young people and fostering growth through innovative strategies.

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