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Know how GroupWe is revolutionizing the way new-age Indians buy a car

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The way people have been buying new cars in Indians has remained largely unaltered. Find out how a startup called,  GroupWe, is revolutionizing the way new-age Indians buy a car.

Buying a new car in India is as much an emotional decision as a practical one.  It is often a person’s first significant investment – the first genuine step into maturity, independence, and self-sufficiency. However, as exhilarating as this experience seems, the fact is that automobile buying is fraught with several ups and downs throughout the way, frequently leaving customers dissatisfied.

The way Indians have been buying new cars is time-taking, old fashioned and inconvenient. Vivasvaan Srivastava and Saiyam Pabreja built GroupWe to make the car-buying experience entirely seamless, with every step of the journey unfolding at the click of a button!

Saiyam and his family were on the market for a new automobile in February 2020. This proved to be a difficult procedure, and it dawned on him that most customers are physically unable to know the availability and greatest bargains accessible in the market.

A one-stop-shop solution that provided an end-to-end solution throughout the process may have made this car-buying trip a lot easier. This encounter paved the way for GroupWe’s philosophy and vision. 

With the goal of increasing customer convenience, GroupWe is designed to facilitate car buying from the comfort of your own home with the click of a button. GroupWe offers a complete automobile buying experience to consumers , from car research to reserving your new car online, new car finance, insurance, and old car exchange.

Apart from convenience, ‘Grouping’ has an extra benefit – group bargains and bulk reductions to get the greatest price on your new automobile. According to Saiyam, “Our major differentiator is grouping, in which we use the power of economies of scale to secure higher-than-market discounts for our consumers.

Customers are grouped together in weekly ‘grouping cycles,’ resulting in up to 30% larger discounts on their new automobile.”

Automobile research is the first step in the new car buyer’s journey: GroupWe provides customers with an advanced interface for comparing cars and models from various automobile brands.

GroupWe, unlike OEM platforms, is a multi-brand platform, allowing customers to perform cross-brand comparisons in order to make educated judgments. The following stage is to take test drives in your nominated vehicles. GroupWes arrange test drives at your house, at your leisure, saving you time and significantly lowering the cost of your search. After deciding on a car brand and model, the consumer moves on to the most exciting step – the ‘grouping cycle.’

Our in-house method, the Grouping Algorithm, groups ‘like-minded’ clients together on a weekly basis. Customers get quotes at the conclusion of each cycle, along with ‘grouping incentives,’ which are discounts dependent on the size of the group. Customers that participate in a grouping cycle are rewarded with up to 30% larger discounts. At the end of the cycle, the group of clients is connected with an authorised partner vehicle dealership that offers the best pricing and the quickest availability. Concurrently, the insurance and auto financing processes begin. GroupWe’s insurance prices are much lower than dealership rates, allowing consumers to save greatly on their new car insurance.

When your automobile arrives, you have the choice of having it delivered to your home or having it delivered from the dealership. This completes the process of buying your new automobile from the comfort of your own home with GroupWe!

The car-buying procedure is done, but the trip with GroupWe has only just begun!


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