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Know how Nitin Sharma’s eco-friendly spray can wash your car without water

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Is it possible to wash your automobile without using water? Nitin Sharma, a young car entrepreneur, has developed an eco-friendly spray, Go Waterless, that is an excellent means of cleaning a car without water.

India is experiencing one of its biggest water crises in history. It has just 4% of the world’s freshwater accessible for 16% of its inhabitants. Every year, it is anticipated that 60 crore people would endure “high to extreme” water shortages. 2 lakh people die as a result of a lack of safe and clean drinking water. The situation is deteriorating by the day, and handling a crisis like a crisis is critical.

Do you have any idea? One of the greatest contributors to water waste is car washing. It takes around 90 liters of fresh water to wash a car through the pipe and 40 liters to wash a car with a bucket in one go. To add to this data, car washing services employ 150-200 gallons on a single automobile to give it a premium appearance. This is incredible!

You can image how much water is wasted in the country to wash 23 crore automobiles. You cannot squander such an important resource.

If saved, the same amount can be used to quench the thirst of many people. Is it possible to wash your automobile without using water?

Nitin Sharma, a young automobile trader, has made it feasible to wash your car without using a single drop of water. As the proprietor of an automotive company, Nitin mostly works with the cleaning segment, which provides vehicle washing services to many of his customers.

He earns a significant portion of his revenue from this sector.

However, the washing operations have been hampered for the last two years due to a summer water deficit. Following this, he challenged himself to find a permanent solution and resolved not to let his company suffer any longer.

Nitin learned about waterless car cleaning from a friend. He dug deeper and discovered that spray is a superior alternative to water. However, the sprays include hazardous chemicals that may corrode metal and damage paint.

Nitin successfully produced a plant-based highly lubricating cleaning spray based on nanotechnology after two years of intense study and experimentation. He accomplished this with the assistance of chemical engineers. He also intended to launch the spray with a 10 lakh investment.

In October 2019, Nitin Sharma released the unique spray, dubbed GO WATERLESS, an eco-friendly spray that effectively cleans the outside and inside of a car. It just takes 200 cc of the spray to remove the dirt and dust particles. This method makes cleaning simple and painless.

Nitin Sharma, the founder of Go Waterless, presented a 5 in 1 business strategy that focuses primarily on the five sectors listed below:

Waterless vehicle wash, car cleaning, auto insurance, car maintenance, and roadside assistance are all options. These services are delivered to the customer’s door, which is the brand’s USP (USP). Customers may access the services via their Android and iOS applications, proving that technology is a positive in this case. Go Waterless is the only auto care brand that offers the possibility to become a franchise partner. The partners do not require any physical premises to establish the firm because it is all on their doorstep.

This strategy has secured the concept of sustainable water usage in 55 cities across India, with 85+ partners. Go Waterless intends to take this strategy to the next level, saving trillions of liters of water on a domestic and international scale.

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