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Know how Okno ModHomes can help you build a sustainable, eco-friendly home

You may now create your own sustainable and eco-friendly home, just like Ikea furniture, with some help from Okno ModHomes. The Hyderabad startup was founded by Parikshit Linga, and Harshit Puram

What if, like the furniture you enjoy constructing, you could assemble your house as well? This sparked the imaginations of two Hyderabad entrepreneurs, Harshit Puram and Parikshit Linga.

The two were studying for their Masters at the National University of Singapore at the time. When they discovered that building is a big contributor to climate change, they resolved to take action. So they went to India and founded Okno ModHomes, a company that allows consumers to not only live in but also design sustainable houses. 

The houses offer two advantages. They may be erected in three months, as opposed to standard cement buildings, and survive for roughly 50 years. The second advantage is that the construction is composed of wood, which is 80 percent sustainable. Even the construction procedure is not polluting.

Four of these sustainable homes are currently in operation, one in Chikmagalur and three in Hyderabad.

The finest aspect is that four saplings are planted for every tree used to construct the house.

Pricing depends upon the logistical choices of the customer for the decor. According to the website, the price is divided into three parts: soft costs, which include the site study, modular prices, which include the textures, finishes, flooring, cabinets, and all the décor, and site expenses, which include the prep work, shipping charges, and so on.

According to the business, despite being built in an unconventional manner, the residence is solid and fortified. This makes it more durable than most site-built buildings. The dwellings are also compliant with the IBC (Indian Building Code) and IRC (Indian Residential Code).


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