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Kohli Unfollows Ganguly on Instagram: What’s the Controversy?

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Sourav Ganguly and Virat Kohli. Two Indian cricket icons and two previous captains. The long-running conflict between these two titans, however, has never been hidden from the rest of the world. In a recent encounter, the Royal Challengers Bangalore squad faced off against the Delhi Capitals. The historical feud between Virat Kohli and Sourav Ganguly was highlighted once more during the match.

After the game, Virat Kohli shook hands with everyone save Sourav Ganguly, Director of Cricket for the Delhi Capitals. At the same time, he didn’t even shake Dada’s hand. The footage of this brawl is quickly becoming popular on social media. After this, the captaincy argument between Ganguly and Virat resumed. However, Virat has done something that has brought these two legend players back into the spotlight.

Following the handshake incident, Virat Kohli unfollowed Ganguly on Instagram, according to sources. Virat was previously claimed to have following Ganguly on Instagram. This player, however, has subsequently removed Ganguly from his list of followers.

Virat Kohli hit new heights in a recent match against the Delhi Capitals, smashing 50 runs in 33 balls. He looked to be really angry. Following that, he arrived on the pitch with a high degree of energy, even when fielding.

He also glanced at head coach Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly sitting in the Delhi Capitals dugout while taking a catch of Aman Khan at the boundary line during RCB’s bowling.

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