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Kranus Health gets over €6M to digitize men’s health, break down barriers

Kranus Health, which uses technology to address taboo men’s health concerns, has just received more than €6 million for their digital ‘viagra’ therapy, which treats men’s health difficulties in a digital and holistic manner.

Kranus Health has raised more than €6 million in Series A investment after developing a digital cure for erectile dysfunction that does not require medications. While Viagra has been a widely recognized therapy for many years and is one of the most popular prescription uptakes of any pharmaceutical, Kranus Health hopes to offer a new choice to the market with even greater success. And they’re well on their way: the launch was one of the most successful for a digital therapy in Germany.

Karista, a French health care investor, and Peak Pride, an Austrian family office, spearheaded the fundraising. All current shareholders, notably HTGF and A Round Capital, made significant additional investments. The team also received funding from well-known business angels, including Saarbruecker21 and Florian Brand, founder and CEO of atai Life Sciences.

Kranus Health, founded in 2020, is on a mission to deliver solutions and therapies to men’s health concerns that are less generally discussed and even considered taboo. Kranus Edera, a potency app developed by a health tech business in January 2022, has issued thousands of prescriptions within months.

The platform, situated in Munich and Berlin, takes a comprehensive and digital approach to treating erectile dysfunction, a health condition that affects more men than one may think.

The app, which is already being prescribed by hundreds of urologists across Germany, provides a completely reimbursable therapy alternative for millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The digital therapeutic can be used in conjunction with medicine or as a stand-alone therapy, giving patients with long-term healing possibilities. The therapy is based on digital coaching and consists of a 12-week therapy that includes pelvic floor training, physical therapy exercises, cardiovascular endurance training, mindfulness and body awareness activities, and sexual therapy exercises.

In addition, patients are given daily background information to help them grasp the basic principles of erectile function and the impact of lifestyle factors like diet and stress. Taking on the broad scope of men’s health, the business is creating digital remedies for a variety of common medical ailments.

“At Kranus Health, we shatter taboos and tackle men’s health concerns that no one talks about,” says founder and co-CEO Thilo Kleinschmidt.

To that purpose, there are several broad circumstances to consider. The major emphasis is erectile dysfunction, which affects one in every three men over the age of 50, as well as incontinence, which affects 20% of men over the age of 60, and prostate enlargement (BPH), which is thought to affect one in every two men over the age of 50.

The Kranus Health team, comprised of interdisciplinary professionals, is utilizing technology to make health care more accessible and less taboo.

Thilo remarked, “There is a lot of potential in treatment supported by digital technology. We are enhancing patient care and enabling doctors to prescribe medicines that follow medical norms.”

The new funds will be utilized to do more clinical research in order to create other digital medicines. This year, the university teaching hospital in Münster (Universitätsklinikum Münster) is conducting a big randomized, controlled study (RCT) on the efficacy of therapy with the Kranus Edera app. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the approach to men’s intimate health concerns and contribute to the normalization of talking about them. Furthermore, the team’s current headcount of 50 is planned to be expanded to more than 100 members of staff.

“Karista’s substantial investment into Kranus Health matches the company’s impressive execution in a very short time, recording the most successful digital therapeutic (DiGA) launch, as well as the potential to address large unmet medical needs affecting hundreds of millions of men worldwide,” said Baudouin Hue, partner at Karista.


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