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Laborer, house maid’s daughter did wonders in Class 12th, scored 94% on scholarship

The mother helps out around other people’s house, while the father is a painting laborer. The mother of Shivani is a domestic helper, while Shivani’s father works as a worker in painting laborer. Shivani’s family has lived in Unnao since Shivani was a youngster; however, Shivani’s father was forced to relocate the family to Lucknow so that he could find work.

Shivani now calls Lucknow home. Urvashi Sahni, a social crusader and educationist who aided disadvantaged children by founding the ‘Prerna’ school in Lucknow, assisted Little Shivani so that she could continue her schooling at a time when she would have otherwise missed it. It was from this point forward that Shivani’s life took an unexpected turn.

Having been awarded a scholarship…

Urvashi Sahni was so taken aback by Shivani’s abilities that she decided to let her study at her exclusive Prerna School. In only two years, Shivani was able to find a spot for herself at another school, despite having to leave behind all of the other children in the class. Urvashi Sahni, the Chief Executive Officer of the Study Hall schooling Foundation (SHEF), was successful in getting Shivani enrolled into the study hall at her school.

She also paid for Shivani’s schooling and fees, but the problems were not yet solved. It was challenging to keep up with the ever-increasing needs for school uniforms and book purchases that came with each new grade.

Shivani explains her challenges by saying, “We used to live in the house of ‘Ma’am,'” which is the name of the woman in whose home Shivani’s mother works as a maid. He offered us a place to stay at his house. Because I didn’t have any issues with my schoolwork, my parents and brother would frequently spend the night on the grass outside the room so that I could have some peace and quiet while I worked on my schoolwork. I had managed to get a score of 95%. “I am happy that I have scored 94 percentile, but I could have done better in History and Economics,” Shivani said. “I am happy that I have scored 94 percentile.” Continued my education with the help of Urvashi Aunty, despite the fact that my parents had to make certain sacrifices…

When discussing her challenges, Shivani makes a point to highlight the role that her mother, Madhuri Devi, had in helping her. According to Shivani, “Mother used to work in other people’s house in addition to doing all of the work of her house,” but “she never made me do any household work so that I could focus fully on my studies.”

Urvashi Sahni, a social activist and educationist, is another person who Shivani credits for her accomplishment. It was in Urvashi Sahni’s school that Shivani received a free education up till the 12th grade. According to Shivani, “My parents would not have been able to pay such a fee if Urvashi was not an aunt.” Shivani’s parents were able to pay the charge because Urvashi was an aunt. The whole tuition that Shivani was required to pay has been covered by Study Hall School. During the time of the Corona, there was an upsurge in difficulties…

When the family was forced to return to their hometown in Unnao as a result of the Corona crisis, they were forced to confront challenges for the second time in their lives. Because Shivani’s father, Bal Singh, who made a living as a day laborer, was without employment, the family was forced to spend all of their funds. However, as soon as the lockdown was lifted, Shivani’s parents traveled back to Lucknow with her to ensure that she would not be disrupted in her academic pursuits.

Shivani claims that the sacrifices made by her parents and Urvashi aunty, who is always there to assist her, are the reason for her achievements and that they deserve the credit for them. Shivani, according to Meenakshi Bahadur, the head of Study Hall School, is the brightest and most dazzling star at the institution. Shivani is interested in pursuing a career in psychology.

Shivani, in contrast to most youngsters her age, has her sights set on a career in psychology. Shivani asserts that she can read people’s minds and that she really wants to assist others by doing so. Shivani hopes to enroll in the Psychology program at either Lucknow University or the National College of the city in order to accomplish her goal. At the moment, Shivani is going to be awarded a scholarship for further study, and she has already been chosen for this scholarship.


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