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Jennifer Mistry Shares A Cryptic Post After Sexual Harassment Claim

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TMKOC has constantly been making headlines for some time now for all the wrong reasons as Jennifer Mistry who played the character of Roshan Bhabhi in the show for about 15 years quit the serial and to everyone’s shock, she filed a case of sexual harassment against the producer Asit Kumarr Modi, project head Sohail Ramani and executive producer Jatin Bajaj.

Asit Kumarr Modi has claimed that all the allegations leveled by Jennifer are completely baseless and there is no truth in them. Here’s what he said in an official statement, “We will take legal action as she is trying to defame me and the show both. Since we terminated her services, she is making these baseless allegations.”

Mandar Chandwadkar who played the character of Atmaram Tukaram Bhide in the show also expressed surprise over Jennifer’s accusations as he said, “I am wondering why did she do this. I have no clue about what happened between them.”

Now the actress has shared a cryptic note which read, “Nikale hai wo log meri shaksiyat ka bigadne, jinke khud ke kirdaar marammat maang rahe hai” (People who are trying to malign my image need to repair their own character/personality.)

Here’s her Instagram story:

In another story, she wrote, “Don’t compromise on your values to please others. Keep your self-respect intact and walk away.”

Check out the story:

This is definitely a dig at the TMKOC makers and those who are supporting them. Let’s see what turn the story takes in the time to come.

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