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Latest technology used in agriculture turned into a business idea worth crores

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Technology has changed every sector and now the agriculture and methods of cultivation’s are changing at a rapid speed with it. We are talking about the hydroponics method of cultivation that has given new hope to many people. In this success story, you will find that Sriram Gopal has given new hope to the people with this latest method of technology of agriculture. He believes in the practical aspects of the agriculture subject. He wants to bring a revolution in agriculture teaching with these wonderful methods. 

Background of our superhero

Sriram Gopal had everything in life, which most people only dreamed about. Still, he wanted to do something for our society and wanted to make some changes in the conventional methods of agriculture to help farmers. He is thirty-four years old and has done engineering in electronics and electrical. Furthermore, he studies in the UK and acquired an MBA. He comes from a simple background where his father had photo processing and printing machine-making factory. Unfortunately, his father had to shut down his business because of the serious health and recession in the business. Father of Sriram also had several other photo labs and due to this Sriram got interested in the high-end camera. He also wanted to start a sophisticated 

Coming with an innovative idea

A few years ago, Sriram was being the most important part of the leading IT Company. His friend introduced the hydroponics on YouTube. After watching the video Sriram was deeply impressed and he recognized the fact that in this agriculture-based country, soon there is going to be a lack of agricultural land and people should come up with something where they can grow various types of crops with the help of new technology. The other importance of this new technique that is recognized and in this monsoon-based atmosphere, adequate water supply is always an issue. With the help of new technology, they can also deal with this particular problem. He decided to bring the new change to our society. He started working on the idea and tried his hands on the hydroponics in the free closed factory space of his father in Perungudi, Chennai. 

How company was started?

The experiment of cultivation got great success and Sriram wanted to do something big now to bring the revolution in the industry. He took the initiative to get in touch with the multinational companies that are already working in the same sector. Sriram showed them results and simulated them to start investing. He took the companies to believe that there is a great future for investment in this sector. To fund the startup, he invested five lacks and forms an organization namely Future Farms. 

Success with hydroponics 

He did work hard and made systematic efforts to achieve growth. Within a short period, his company gained good success and crossed the turnover of two crores. The company has a perfect growth patter and every year it is gaining success with a 300 percent growth rate. It is expected that soon the company will reach a turnover of six crores. The companies have working investors. More than sixty well-trained workers are handling the various jobs in the company. 

Key features and Business operations 

The future farm company is working in the direction of making the hydroponics kit and the company is making constant sales of it. The best part is that at present the company is also running its online business. The basic product range starts from the 999 and the company has products up to 69999. The operation of the company including the various services that are attached to the hydroponics. The company has the working methods in which it makes the various hydroponics setups in the various buildings include the homes as well. The company charge nearly one lacks to ten lacks for establishing areas two hundred to five thousand. 

A bright future ahead

The data and figures show the fact that there is a great future and the company can have some serious growth in the coming future. Mr. Sriram started this business just as a hobby but now he is making serious money and the company has gained a good response. The natural resources are decreasing every day in every part of the world including India and thus this particular company can provide practical solutions in this context. 

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