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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Lawrence Bishnoi Gang Plots Second Attack on Salman Khan; Four Arrested

With the most recent shooting incident outside of Salman Khan’s Mumbai home, the actor’s fans are extremely startled and concerned for him and his family. On Saturday, June 1, 2024, the Navi Mumbai police revealed that a another attempt was made to attack the actor while he was traveling to his Panvel farmhouse, over two months after the first one. Last week, four persons were taken into custody in relation to this investigation.

The second attack was directed against Salman Khan by the Lawrence Bishnoi gang.
According to reports, four members of Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang have been detained by Navi Mumbai Police on suspicion of preparing a follow-up attack on Bollywood star Salman Khan in Panvel. A senior Panvel police official received a report indicating that Bishnoi Lawrence gang members were living in the Panvel-Kalamboli area and watching Salman Khan’s Bandra home, his Panvel property, and other filming locations.

In this case, four people have been arrested, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police Vivek Pansare. He added that the accused had stayed in Panvel and had been intending to attack the actor for a long time. When questioned about the Mumbai attack, Pansare said, “We suspect one gang was conducting a reconnaissance in Panvel while the other was in Mumbai. Bishin has several groups working independently of each other.”

Four Lawrence Bishnoi gang members are detained by Mumbai Police.
The individuals detained by the Navi Mumbai Police are Dhananjay Tapesingh, also known as Ajay Kashyap, Vapsi Khan, also known as Waseem Chikna, Gaurav Bhatia, also known as Nahvi, and Rizwan Khan.

Based on police statements, the investigation implies that Kashyap had contact with Dogar in Pakistan in order to purchase AK-47s for the attack. They intended to hide out and reunite in Kanyakumari following the attack, then proceed to Sri Lanka. Officers are currently speaking with the four individuals who were arrested to see whether they are connected to the Bandra incident.

Six additional people have been detained by the Mumbai Crime Branch in relation to the Bandra investigation.

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