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Navigating Cravings: Dos and Don’ts for Managing Cheat Meals Wisely

Personalized diet plans are popular for shedding pounds, but managing cravings is crucial. Read how to manage cravings and cheat meals wisely with expert advice from dieticians.

As obesity is on the rise, more and more people are going for personalized diet plans to reduce unwanted kilos. While everyone tries to follow the plan diligently, they feel the urge to let loose every now and then. Whether it is a slice of pizza or an ice cream cone on the weekend, the craving is sometimes too strong to deny. Whether these urges hurt you in the long run depends on how you approach them. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts from experienced dieticians that can help you manage your cravings in the best possible manner.

Avoid Doing These

Don’t Feel Guilty – Giving in to your craving makes you feel guilty afterwards. There are others who strictly deprive themselves of foods like ice-cream, burgers, pizza etc. and eventually do not enjoy their food. Don’t go to these extremes. Take the example of driving; if you take a wrong turn somewhere, your GPS doesn’t judge you. It gently reminds you to take the next U-turn. So, don’t feel guilty, instead return to healthier choices the next day.

Don’t Prolong Your Cheat Meal – It is perfectly fine to indulge oneself occasionally. Just be smart and choose one thing that you like and enjoy it. Do not turn your cheat meal into a cheat day or week. The longer you indulge, the difficult it would become to come back to your original routine.

Do This Instead

Indulge Yourself Occasionally – Denying yourself what you want often leads to over thinking or overeating foods that will never satisfy you. Allow yourself to eat a small portion of the food you are craving for, so that you feel satisfied.

Try to make it Healthier – You can always tweak the recipe a bit to reduce the calories if you make the effort. If you have had a heavy lunch, you might not need a snack that day to compensate for the extra calories. Go for a grilled sandwitch instead of an extra cheesy one.

The bottom line is that it is fine to have a cheat meal occasionally provided it is in small proportion. Have lighter meals before or after to compensate for the extra calories consumed and you’ll be fine.

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