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Lockdown hero who made the difference.

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Starting with lockdown1.0 to lockdown 4.0, every single day has added to the crisis. Isolation, job loss, stress, deaths, economic downfall, the world have seen it all. However, In coronavirus lockdown, some have faced more difficulties like the daily wagers, frontline warriors, elderly people, migrant labourers, etc. Several has faced no food supplies along with the difficulty of staying away from their families. But there are people who are risking their lives and bringing a smile on the face of those needy. From feeding the homeless and frontline workers, they are servicing tirelessly for society.

Performing Social responsibility in a personal capacity

Chinu kwatra, who operates a centralised kitchen in Thane, Mumbai took the responsibility of serving the ragpickers and security guards during the lockdown. He is a  social worker, MBA graduate and the founder of Roti Ghar, India. Roti Ghar is an initiative started by Khusiyaan Foundation, an NGO which feeds children of slum areas in Mumbai. Every day he and his 14 member team distribute food all across the city. They are working from their homes, collecting donations and transporting food in their four vehicles. Chinu’s  mother and six other sprepare the food. The organization had got support from the Mumbai police in the period of lockdown. They are currently feeding over 5,000, people every day with meals that include puris, dal, rice and vegetable.

Roti Ghar- How it all started

According to Chino the concept of Roti Ghar, came into his mind when he saw hungriness in children from slums. He decided to do something about it. Eventually, along with few volunteers, he started his own NGO and named it Khusiyaan foundation. The concept of Roti Ghar took a proper shape in December 2017. This scheme started serving a hundred children initially. It not only provided food to those hungry children but also started mentoring and teaching them about how to practising basic hygiene. Its main purpose remains to feed children from underprivileged sections to get one normal nutritional food daily. Chinu Kwatra insists, “We ask children to bring their personal plates. It helps us to avoid disposable garbage and in turn, protect the environment.” He adds that apart from meals they distribute toothpaste, brush and sanitary napkins to girl child for their personal hygiene.

An average daily expense of those meals comes around ₹3500. The food plate consists of dal, rice, vegetables. Chinu’s team has added boiled egg in the menu once in a week to complete the nutritional value. This initiative is running successfully with the help of donors. Even, during the lockdown, the foundation is actively working in Maharashtra, Odisha, and Karnataka.

Small steps that will change the world

It was not an easy start for Chinu and his team. Initially, most of the children were shy and would snatch the food. But gradually things started settling and children were taught rules like forming queues, washing hands etc. When the distribution gets completed, Volunteers forms a small group of 4-5 children for teaching and imparting basic education. In this way, education is passed on. Although in lockdown, this step has taken a backseat.Chinu says once the local lockdown is also  over and things start getting a little normal, they will restart the teaching sessions again.

Chinu has a dream of making the foundation work for more social issues. He wants to conduct regular medical camps. The group is working to generate enough funds for the mission even during the lockdown. They want to serve as many people as possible.

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