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How a dream made Radha Daga run a successful food business and earn millions

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Radha Daga was always thrilled and passionate about working in the food industry. In her 60s she established successful fhttps://timesapplaud.com/food-blogger-and-full-time-foodie/ood business. Out of this passion, she created a wonderful product Triguni Eze eats and as per its name. it is ready to eat food items. 

Initial ideas of A successful food business 

The company was launched nearly ten years ago, they made a successful share in the food industry, and this turned out to be a wonderful journey for her. At her age, most of the women give up the thought of doing something new and prefer to get retired. Nevertheless, she proved the fact that age is nothing but just a number. She worked for her dream and made everything possible in her own creative manner. A Successful food business does not require any proof. 

Radha is the founder and managing director of the leading food industry company Triguni foods. You will hardly believe in this fact that even after ten years of the establishment she is still working hard every day and giving everyone a valid reason to surprise. The successful food business was there in her subconscious mind and she lived with it always. 

Childhood passion and A successful food business 

Our hero of the story Radha has a great interest in cooking since her childhood and she was working hard in this context. You will be amazed that how amazingly she was working when she got the chance to follow her childhood passion after her marriage. The successful food business is a challenge for many but it was a dream for her. 

In her childhood, she used to read many recipes form the magazine and after that, he becomes her dream to create recipes. Her childhood passion for reading about the various recipes has given her a natural sense about the food and now she loves to create wonderful recipes of her own in a successful food business

Turning into an entrepreneur 

Radha’s journey of becoming an entrepreneur started in 1987 with the Chimise Export business. This way a garment company and based in Chennai. While working as an export she got the chance of brushing up her business skills and learned about many things. For example, she learned to manage the quality, maintain the deadlines, buying, and using the correct raw material for the final product. Later she utilized this knowledge to run her Successful food business

The early experience of life 

During her export period not even, a single piece was rejecting and this gave her enough confidence. She also put the heart and soul to create and establish the factor with her own money. In those days women entrepreneurs were not encouraged. Getting a loan for her business was a typical thing and thus they established her factory with her own money. She got many lessons which helped her in the Successful food business

Following her passion

Even after gaining remarkable success in other sectors, her passion was always the food industry. Thus, for this, she worked hard and thought about providing readymade food and this made her popular again with the remarkable success. She utilized her last experienced and again this turned to be in her favor. She started Triguni Eze Eats and it becomes a huge success. It is counted among the most successful food business houses. 

Radha made various experiments and headed towards remarkable success. IndiGo Airlines becomes the largest buyer for their food items. They started making more than eighty percent business with them. Many other items were included and this becomes the large menu with a huge capacity to fulfill the demand. Now they have various product lines with several food items that cover different areas like online delivery, train, airlines, and many more. The story of this Successful food business inspires many women in society. 

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