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Mamata Banerjee bans screening of The Kerala Story in Bengal; BJP slams decision 

In a move to prevent any potential outbreak of violence and hatred, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has issued an order to immediately ban the screening of the controversial film, The Kerala Story. This directive was communicated by a senior official in Kolkata on Monday.

According to an official, any theatre that screens the film will face consequences. Earlier today, Banerjee made a statement regarding The Kerala Story, labeling it as a distorted film with the intention of defaming the southern state.

In a bid to prevent any potential outbreak of animosity and unrest, the Chief Minister has issued a prompt prohibition on the showing of The Kerala Story. According to the bureaucrat, any cinema hall that violates the ban will face consequences.

In the recently released film “The Kerala Story,” directed by Sudipta Sen, the audience is taken on a journey that sheds light on the conversion of women from Kerala to Islam and their subsequent recruitment by the terrorist organization, Islamic State. On May 5, the film was released.

It is worth noting that the Islamic faith condemns all activities, including Love Jihad. Islam, like other religions, fundamentally teaches its adherents about the Oneness of God and the concept of universal brotherhood.

According to the user, the religion of Islam is fundamentally opposed to terrorism, as the very term “Islam” translates to “Peace.” According to the religion, forced conversion is strictly prohibited, including cases where it is done in the name of love, as in the controversial practice known as Love Jihad.

According to reports, certain corrupt leaders are allegedly manipulating unsuspecting followers of Islam to participate in criminal activities such as Love Jihad.

On Monday, the Bharatiya Janata Party criticized Banerjee for her decision to ban the movie, stating that it raises significant concerns regarding civil liberties and freedom of expression.

According to Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s I-T department, the decision to ban the movie is regrettable. He believes that the film portrays a genuine depiction of individuals who have suffered from the consequences of demographic invasion and have been exploited as pawns by the terrorist group IS.

The question arises as to whom Mamata Banerjee is attempting to appease with the imposition of this ban. The question posed is whether or not there is a belief that Muslims in Bengal feel a stronger connection to the Islamic State than they do to the Indian Constitution. Her regressive politics have been met with criticism.

The screening of the movie in over a dozen cinema halls in Kolkata alone did not pose any threat to law and order in Bengal, according to sources. According to him, the use of this dog whistle indicates that something negative can be anticipated.

The movie has received positive feedback from various BJP leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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