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Man Celebrates Divorce By Bungee Jumping, Falls 70 Feet As Rope Breaks

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Earlier people used to celebrate only their good and special moments but shockingly, nowadays people even celebrate their break-ups and divorces but for one person, such a celebration turned into punishment. Rafael dos Santos Tosta, a 22 years old person was in a very cheerful mood after getting divorced and he wanted to celebrate it in a big manner so he visited Campo Magro in Brazil on February 11 for taking part in bridge swing (bungee jumping).

However, things turned ugly as the rope broke and he fell from the height of 70 feet. After falling from the height, Rafael fell unconscious and when he woke up, he was lying in the river with people around him and he was told not to move. After that, a medical team from Military Police Air Operations Battalion treated him and then he was taken to Rocio hospital by helicopter.

In an interview, Rafael states that he is a very calm person but things have changed a lot in his life recently. He added that he was very happy after his divorce and wanted to enjoy his life because of which he was doing crazy things and wasn’t valuing his life.

Talking about the changes that have come in his life after the incident, he said, “You start to see life and be grateful for everything. It’s not that I didn’t care before, but I didn’t look at it with this perspective. My life will never be the same.

I don’t want to be the Rafael I was before. I have to be thankful for being alive, which is already a very big thing. My sleep is not the same. I’m not able to sleep. I had to seek help.

I started having crises, nightmares, and I’m afraid to go to sleep.”We think we are strong, but if you have a specialist or a light, it’s much better than trying to get up alone.”

Value your life and behave responsibly.

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