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Want to eat healthier roti’s to treat diabetes? Add wheat bran

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Wheat bran is effective for diabetic patients it, absorbs sugar from its thick particles. The finer your flour, the faster your sugar will rise. In such a situation, it’s important that you avoid eating fine flour.

Actually, the glycemic index of fine flour is high and the fiber is less. Due to less fiber, your sugar increases rapidly and metabolism remains slow. In such a situation, you should consume the bran that comes out of it, not the flour.

Benefits of eating bran in diabetes

1. The coarseness of bran is beneficial in sugar

The graininess of bran accelerates sugar metabolism and prevents its spike. Its fiber is helpful in absorbing sugar and increases the metabolic rate of the stomach. This happens because the sugar that comes out of the food gets digested on its own.

2. Bran flour accelerates insulin production

Bran flour is helpful in insulin production. It increases the production of insulin hormone in the body along with increasing its production. This insulin prevents sugar from getting into the blood and is helpful in controlling diabetes.

3. Bran prevents sugar spike

Bran prevents sugar spike and does not allow fasting sugar to increase. Apart from this, it removes the problem of constipation in sugar because it accelerates the bowel movement, increases the speed of the intestines, which helps in managing sugar.

How to eat bran in diabetes:

To eat bran in diabetes, first remove the bran from flour (choker atta kaise banaye). Or buy only flour with more bran. Understand it in such a way that if you take 1 cup of flour, then add 2 cups of bran to it. Then you make roti or thepla from it, everything will be beneficial for health. So, for all these reasons, you should consume flour bran in diabetes.


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