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Master Affan Kutty Limca Book of Records Holders writes Times Applaud with Rubik’s blindfolded

Master Affan Kutty is a child prodigy who writes alphabets with Rubik’s Cube while he is blindfolded. Born in 2005, he is the only child in the world to do that amazing thing.

Master Affan Kutty was addicted to mobile phones and social media until early 2019, because of which he started wearing spectacles and suffered from health problems. But, Affan refused to accept failure due to those problems. His doctor also urged him to seek treatment for his addiction. Affan’s father, Mr. Biju Kutty, discovered that Affan is a sharp observer and works tirelessly on something that will appeal to him. He then gave Affan a miniature Rubik’s Cube.

Affan’s focus finally switched away from mobile phones, and he was able to break free from his addiction. Affan then immersed himself in the mystical realm of Rubik’s Cube and gave it his whole attention. He began solving Rubik’s Cubes of various sizes (3X3, 7X7, and 13X13).

His attention and focus gave him great power, allowing him to catch the algorithms in his mind and begin solving them blindfolded. Affan’s dedication and focus lead him to form letters in numerous languages on the Rubik’s Cube, earning him accolades and honours from all over the world.

Affan is passionate about the things that he does. He is also a creative, honest and consistent child prodigy. Affan was born on 10th August, 2005. He is a student of St Mary Convent High School, Mumbra, where he is persuing 10th grade.

Affan has a vision and a strong belief that he would soon see his name in the Guinness World Records in 12 categories. He also intends to write a book about how he overcame his cellphone addiction.

Affan’s achievements include the following:

1) LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2) MULTIPLE INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS 3) MULTIPLE ASIA BOOK OF RECORDS 4) TEDX SPEAKER 6) Featured on History channel- OMG YEH MERA INDIA i 7) Featured in THE WEEK magazine, EDUCATION WORLD MAGAZINE 8) In the last one year speeches delivered- 30+ pan India on various platforms 9) On November 14th, Affan was amongst the 4 children who were selected from Pan INDIA,as he has paved way for others and has become a role model for the upcoming generation.

Another amazing achievement of Affan is that he has also launched his own academy- AFFAN’s Cube Academy.

Affan has now used Rubik’s Cube to write the name of leading publisher of press releases, Times Applaud, which has its head office in Mumbai, India. 

Times Applaud takes the lead in publishing press releases and brand promotion articles. The company’s Indian network has almost a hundred plus network partners. Times Applaud has strong relationships with up to 448 reputable online news channels, which helps its press release services stand out. The company is known for its  news conveying capabilities in many languages that include English, Hindi, Marathi, and several other regional languages. 

If you want to collaborate with Master Affan Kutty please contact: Mr. Biju Kutty- +91 97684 48369

For more such inspiring and motivating articles visit Times Applaud at https://timesapplaud.com/


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