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Meet motivational guru Jaikishaan Sharma who turned his struggles into success

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This article tells the story of a man who turned his struggles into success and became a motivational guru, sharing his insights and techniques with others. It explores his journey of building a successful company and inspiring others with his teachings.

Jaikishaan Sharma, a 37-year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker, was laid off before being involved in an accident that left him paralysed from the waist down. He fought back by launching Sharmaa tricks, an online training platform that teaches individuals how to establish and run internet companies. He is also the creator of DreamChair Club, where he serves as a Mindset and Fulfillment Coach, assisting people in overcoming mentality barriers and achieving mental serenity and inner satisfaction. His narrative of rising from the abyss to live a life of dignity, mentoring businesses, and taking on the job of life coach is very inspirational. Jaikishaan is from a middle-class household in Ahmedabad, and his father supported his family by selling ice cubes on his bicycle.

He graduated from Firdaus Amrut High School in Ahmedabad in 2011 and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from the International Institute of Arts in Modi Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. He intended to create a fashion design studio in his hometown, but his father suggested that he pursue his post-graduate studies in Australia. In order to fulfil his father’s goal, he put his own dream on hold and enrolled in Ballarat University in 2007.

Jaikishaan travelled to India to execute his father’s funeral rites and was hesitant to return to Australia to finish his education. Suneeti Sharma, his younger sister, pushed him to finish the course, informing him that it was their father’s wish.

He worked part-time as a sales representative for True Energy, a gas and electricity provider, and went to college in the mornings before going door-to-door around 3 p.m. In 2009, he received his master’s degree and began working as a Customer Service Manager for AGL Energy Company. In 2010, he married his college girlfriend Rashmi, and in 2014, he joined People Energy as Customer Retention and Customer Service Manager at an annual salary of AUD 1.1 million (Rs 6.2 crore).

Nevertheless, once the firm incurred losses in 2015, it began to lay off employees, and Jaikishaan was laid off. Rashmi began receiving dress modification orders in order to support her family.

Jaikishaan was put to hydrotherapy exercises to help him develop muscular strength, and three years later, his right toe moved for the first time. He began looking for ways to make money and enrolled in an affiliate marketing school as well as learning social media marketing with loans from friends. He started Mindset Coaching as a side company in January 2021 and has assisted 60-70 individuals in the previous two years. Rashmi has now moved her business to the next level, earning around AUD 1800 (Rs. 1 lakh) every month. Jaikishaan suffered physical difficulties as a result of his immobility, and his weight had risen from 109 to 182 kg.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to work on their thinking first, since if their strategy fails, the only thing they have left is their mindset.

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