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Mrs. Rama Shah: Enriching India with her precious handmade Lord Ganesh Idols

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Mrs. Rama Shah is an artistic personality who has a growing name in making Lord Ganesh Idols. She has dedicated her passion to divine work, which has earned her an excellent reputation.

Mrs. Rama Shah’s artistic work is leading her to Global Recognition!

Mrs. Rama Shah, born in a land of cultural heritage, is attracted by the country’s artistic culture. Her belief in art and culture is discerned beautifully in her work. She is readily inclined towards art, music, crafts. Her devotion towards Lord Ganesha inspired her to draw towards Idol Making.

Mrs. Rama Shah’s Motivation that drew her towards molding Lord Ganesha Idols

Mrs. Rama Shah, like any other Indian woman, dedicated her life to serving her new family after marriage. It was in the year 2000 when she dreamt of a gigantic Lord Ganesha Idol. The idol was studded with precious ornaments and beautifully decorated. The dream acted as the source of inspiration for her to mold handmade heroes. Her husband’s support and push to the artistic work motivated her even more.

Mrs. Rama Shah’s recognitions and services

Mrs. Rama Shah has earned the right name in society. The Government of Maharashtra has recognized her with the title of Special Executive Officer. She is working as a member of various committees. The committees like Police Peace and Mahila Dakshata appreciate her active presence.

Mrs. Rama Shah has been honored by the Honorable Governor of Maharashtra with his precious words. Shri Mohammad Faizal, Hon. Governor Maharashtra stated that he is blessed to meet an outstanding personality who makes beautiful Lord Ganesha Idols. The Honorable Prime Minister of India also comprehended her with a letter and appreciable words over a call.

Mrs. Rama Shah has gifted and facilitated many other dignitaries of India with her artistic work. Mrs. Rama Shah gifted a Lord Ganesha Idol to Previous Honorable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadanvis. Mrs. Rama Shah was flourished with an opportunity to facilitate Astronaut Ms. Sunita Williams. She felicitated Ms. Sunita with a Lord Ganesha Idol made by her.

Mrs. Rama Shah’s achievements and records

Mrs. Rama Shah has been making Lord Ganesha Idols for years. Her idols discern the artistic beauty and her devotion towards Lord Ganesha. Her passion, love, and cultural skills have earned her several records and awards. The ongoing list of awards is as follows:

1. Mrs. Rama Shah displayed 18181 distinctive Lord Ganesha Idols. She earned this award for the most extensive collection of Lord Ganesha Idols.

2. Ripley’s believe it or not, appreciated Mrs. Rama Shah‘s skills to create 9999 Lord Ganesha Idols in 99 days. The Ripley’s encouraged this activity by publishing it.

3. Mrs. Rama Shah holds two World Records by World Record Academy.

4. She has registered her name in the LIMCA Book of World Records 17 times for her distinctive creativities.

5. Mrs. Rama Shah’s name is also recorded in the India Book of records twice.

6. Mr. Rama Shah received the Women Iconza Award for World Record Holder Artist for Blindfolded Ganesha Idols on 2nd March 2021. She proudly received this award from Honourable Shri. Vinayak Raut Ji (Member of Parliament).

And the list continues. Her work has let her create a unique identity in front of the world. Mrs. Rama also has earned an enormous name by making Lord Ganesha Idols with a blindfold.


Mrs. Rama Shah is an artistic legend who has earned a great name in Idol making. Lord Ganesha idols portray her efforts and dedication beautifully. Lord Ganesha has blessed Mrs. Rama with the ability to make a difference through her artistic work

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