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Meet Rupa Yada: A child bride who fought society to become a doctor

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Rupa Yadav was a child bride and successfully passed her MBBS final exam despite having just given birth.

Rupa Yadav, 26, received high scores in her MBBS final exams earlier this year. Her narrative is unique in that she was a child bride, married off at the age of eight years. Nobody realised that this young girl had recently given birth and was caring for her child while she was taking her pre-final test!

Rupa, who is from the Rajasthani hamlet of Kariri, was married when she was eight years old. Rupa scored 86% in her Class 10 exams because to her father’s persistent support and her hard work, making her parents and community happy. Along with this, Rupa enrolled in a Bachelor of Science programme.

Yadav achieved an All India Rank of 22,000 in NEET on her first try. Her in-laws urged her to pursue higher education after seeing her success in her work while managing domestic tasks and caring for the family. Despite undergoing tuition during her first year in Kota, Yadav was unable to get into a good medical institution in Rajasthan.

Yadav was admitted to Sardar Patel Medical College in Bikaner after three years of hard effort. She met three females in college who supported her throughout her five years of medical school.

Even when her identity as a child bride was disclosed and the college began questioning her history, her friends backed her and pushed her to be proud of herself for overcoming all obstacles.

Rupa encountered another obstacle when she returned home during the lockdown and fell pregnant before her pre-final exams, despite the fact that two years had passed without incident. Rupa now had to choose between motherhood and a job. When her pre-final exams was due, her daughter was only 25 days old.

Rupa’s results were revealed earlier this year on April 28th, and she is now a qualified doctor. Rupa said she is currently studying for her post-graduate studies and hopes to build a hospital in the future.

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