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Meet Saloni Anand who built a hair care biz with 2.5 lac customers to end her husband’s hairfall problem

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Saloni Anand founded Traya to assist hair loss sufferers switch shampoos and find rapid cures. The five-month program has over 2.5 lakh customers…

Traya founder Saloni Anand says, “Our venture is the outcome of a personal health struggle.”

The firm offers an online hair care regimen that incorporates Ayurveda, dermatology, and nutrition. Traya has assisted over 2.5 lakh Indians with hall fall issues and plans to increase that figure.

Saloni Anand, 33, the company’s founder, recalls its beginnings at home.

The Mumbai computer science engineer worked in healthcare and marketing, where she saw the health issues of today’s age. These issues were familiar to her. After getting married in 2017, Saloni saw this firsthand when her spouse Altaf started having health concerns.

His lifestyle was a mess, he had thyroid issues, and he was balding rapidly. We assumed stress was the problem and thought a sabbatical would be excellent, but Saloni says it didn’t help.

Altaf, a biochemist, wanted to find the cause of hair loss. The pair visited hospitals and clinics in India and Korea in 2018 to find a solution. But it was useless.

“I realized we’re going around the world to find a solution. But let’s pause and examine what Ayurveda and home science may offer, says Saloni. The couple, from an allopathy household, never used Ayurveda. They chose to try this science and found comfort and counsel in Dr. Shailendra Chaubey’s comments.
A June 2022 consumer with significant hair loss was treated by Traya. His hair grew back after the therapy.

The 11-year-experienced Ayurvedic doctor informed the couple the truth. Saloni imparts her knowledge.

“His statement contradicted many hair loss treatments and commercial solutions. He said that hair loss is inside. Instead of swapping shampoos and other hair products for a fast cure, tackle stress, gastrointestinal disorders, and thyroid, which are frequently linked to baldness.

The couple worked with Dr. Shailendra on a holistic method to treat Altaf’s hair fall and was amazed after five months.

Altaf felt healthier and had grown a lot of hair. The pair returned to work satisfied with these findings. Yet something changed within them.
To contribute to the solution

At parties, gatherings, the office, and everywhere, people noticed Altaf’s rapid hair growth and asked what helped. He told them it was a long-term plan for holistic wellness. He jokes that most of his friends and coworkers were either looking for partners or getting ready for weddings.

Hair matters a lot now, and hair fall is a typical concern. My friends told me that uploading photos of themselves would lower their self-esteem because they had lost a lot of hair.”
The customer’s hair in May 2022 (L) and after Traya’s five-month course (R) changed drastically.

The pair decided to jump since he was getting more inquiries and Saloni was considering switching careers. Therefore, they created a hair fall remedy business.

“We realized we were most passionate about helping people with hair problems like we were helped. Today, many young Indians have health difficulties. After achieving good health, Saloni abandoned her work to help others.

The couple had Traya in December 2020.

The quest began with investigating the Ayurveda market, recognizing hair issues at their origins, and treating them like any other ailment. The couple hired Dr. Shailendra, an Ayurvedic practitioner, a dietician, and a dermatologist.

The dermatologist and nutritionist would advise consumers on products and lifestyle changes, but Saloni argues Ayurveda is more complicated. “The formulations don’t come ready, so we went to multiple Ayurvedic doctors and labs across India for customized solutions,” she says.

The pair wanted a basic start. The pair started Traya with 55 pals willing to try their solution. They consulted with the medical trio and launched a five-month plan for 55 people.

Once the 55 were established with their regimen and supplements, we waited for results. Saloni says we heard back five months later.

35 of 55 customers shared unrealistic before-after images, bolstering the couple’s confidence in their products and solutions. Traya was ready to attack the market.

“Those five months were most productive. We kept in touch with the group testing our goods and personalized strategy. We called them regularly to see whether they were okay, if they needed change their food, etc. So seeing the outcomes was personal. We put these before-after photographs on a deck as our USP to promote the brand, says Saloni.

She says that finding hair loss assistance is very easy.
Traya Health founders Saloni Anand and Altaf provide holistic hair treatments.

“Traya is an online solution for hair problems. Customers visit the website and take the ‘hair test’, which asks questions about hair loss, stage, etc. The consumer must also provide scalp photos and other information as requested by the nutritionist and dermatologist.

After this, the platform generates a recommended plan and estimates results time. Customers may then purchase the Traya one-month plan and have the trio of physicians examine and suggest items. They will authorize it, recommend pharmaceutical doses, and address client concerns.

The consumer receives a box with all solutions and instructions.

Saloni says, “The actual brilliance of Traya is that every customer has a hair coach who keeps in contact to see how their journey is progressing. They look for complaints, comments, and a broad sense of how therapy is going.”

She says hair fall treatments involve handholding, not fast fulfillment. The only way to keep individuals using the product for five months is to track their success.

According to Saloni, “the journey begins once people use the product.”

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