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Meet Tapsi Upadhay: The BTech graduate who’s given a healthier twist to Pani Puri

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Upadhyay began her business after earning her BTech degree. She now has a pani puri stand.

Many people dream of beginning their own enterprises, and some of them may do it at a young age. Tapsi Upadhyay, also known as BTech Pani Puri Wali, is one of these young entrepreneurs.

Upadhyay began her business after earning her BTech degree. Her goal is to provide nutritious food, thus she makes air-fried puris for her pani puri business. Her website states that she hopes to introduce additional street food alternatives to her booth and make them healthy.

An Instagram video featuring Upadhyay recently went viral. The video was published on Instagram by the account @are_you_hungry007. The video opens with Upadhyay opening her stand and discussing her food. She also discusses the difficulties she experiences as a woman. She claims that many people have asked her why she is selling pani puris after graduating, and that some have even advised her to return home since it is unsafe for a woman to be on the streets.

This video was posted around a week ago. It has received almost two lakh likes since it was uploaded. Numerous people have reacted on the video.

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