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Navi Mumbai boy wants to get into BTech after clearing SSC at the age of 12

A boy from Navi Mumbai has cleared the SSC exams at the age of 12. Sahejpreet Singh is now looking to get into BTech from IIT.

At the age of 12, Sahejpreet Singh is likely the state’s youngest candidate to complete the SSC examinations. He received a 62 percent grade at KPC School in Kharghar. In most cases, a student must be 14 years old to sit for the SSC examinations as a regular or private student.

Mumbai divisional board secretary S R Borase said, “Though I have not heard of this student, he may have received special permission from the education department to sit for the examinations.”

The school supervisor, who did not want to be identified, acknowledged that the youngster had completed SSC at the age of 12. The principal was not available for remark.

The tech-savvy boy who wants to pursue the pilot course stated., “I’m going to enter the scientific stream and then attempt to go into BTech from IIT in information technology.”

Sahejpreet began studying for the class 11 and 12 curricula shortly after his class 10 examinations were completed in April, according to his father Gurusharan.

When the Singhs relocated from Mathura to Navi Mumbai last year, they had difficulty enrolling Sahejpreet in class 10.

His father explained, “We had to run from pillar to post to get him enrolled to a school here. We sought the education department and ultimately gained permission to admit him in class 10.”  Sahejpreet, who is mostly busy developing gaming apps, said, “Age should not be a consideration in taking board examinations.”


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