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Meet the 60-YO grandmom who became a YouTube star with her ‘My Village Show

Milkuri Gangavva is now a YouTube celebrity with millions of ‘My Village Show’ admirers. Gangavva is a 60-year-old woman who works as a farm labourer in Lambadipally, Telangana.

Milkuri Gangavva is a YouTube sensation, with millions of people viewing her videos on the channel My Village Show (MVS).

Gangavva has been captivating the hearts of millions on the internet, including stars Kajal Aggarwal and Vijay Deverakonda, by starring in amusing skits and interviewing celebrities.
She dropped out of school to become a daily wager after being born in the tiny town of Lambadipally in Telangana.

Only in 2016 that Gangavva’s son-in-law’s Srikanth Sriram, invite her to perform in his amusing skits for his YouTube channel. With a sense of comedy, the show tackled difficulties confronting the rural people.
Gangavva quickly became a YouTube hit because to her comedic timing and natural acting abilities. She went on to appear in more Telugu films, including iSmart Shankar and Mallesham.

Gangavva believes that you can achieve anything if you trust in your own abilities.

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