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Meet the former World Cup player who works as delivery person for her family

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Polami Adhikary supports her family by working as an internet food delivery person. She has represented India at the international level as a football player, including during the 2016 World Cup.

It is claimed that a person works hard and progresses. To be successful, one must labour tirelessly day and night. Many people in India pursue their dreams via hard labour. Some people achieve success, while others fail. The reason for this is because the family’s duties prevent them from progressing. Although there are many similar stories in this country that may make us feel horrible.

A video is still going popular on social media today. According to the viral video, a football player is forced to conduct food delivery duties.

Poulomi Adhikari is a woman from West Bengal who has represented India in national and international competitions, including the 2016 World Cup. Even after this remarkable accomplishment, she continued to work as a food delivery agent to make ends meet.

The user @SanjuktaChoudh5 Nam uploaded her video on social media. In the caption, she wrote, “Poulomi Adhikari is a footballer who has represented India on the international stage. She now works as an internet food delivery person to support her family.

Poulomi stated that she had competed for India at the under-16 level. She has also competed in events in London, Scotland, Germany, and Sri Lanka. She is presently finishing her studies at Charuchandra University and working as a food delivery agent for Zomato and Swiggy, making about Rs 300-400 per day. She also shows off her football playing talent at the end of the video.

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