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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Who cheated ICC of Rs. 20 crore in not one but 4 installments?

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There was a major scam with the International Cricket Council, the largest institution in charge of overseeing and governing international cricket. The goons defrauded the ICC of Rs 20 crore in four instalments online.

Every day, someone in the world or near us becomes a victim of internet fraud. This deception does not just affect ordinary individuals; it may even catch chosen persons or large companies from around the world. One of the world’s largest organisations has been defrauded online. Despite having a tremendous army of selected officers and staff from all over the world, he was unable to defend himself from this deception.

When someone impersonates the International Cricket Council (ICC), which regulates and administers cricket across the world, it is easy to see how sophisticated the fraudsters’ tools have grown.

It may come as a surprise, but indications indicate the ICC has become a victim of internet fraud. He was cheated out of $2.5 million (about Rs 20 crores) by online scammers. However, ICC officials are refusing to comment on the internet cheating issue.

The unique aspect of this ICC scam is that it occurred on four separate instances in recent years. All of the officials sitting in the ICC Headquarters in Dubai had no idea they were being victimised by internet fraud. This ICC internet scam was discovered on Thursday.

According to preliminary evidence, this internet scam was carried out from the United States of America, as all payments were made there. According to the report, ICC was recently the victim of an internet scam and is reported to have lost more than $2 million.

When compared to the money spent on cricket, this sum is comparable to the ICC’s annual spending for every associate team playing the ODI format. That is, this swindle is guaranteed to stymie cricket’s growth.

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