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Meet Varun Sarda who built Rs 20 cr travel company from Rs 6 lakh

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With Rs 6 lakh, Varun Sarda established Wtfares as an airline ticket booking portal in 2014.  The company has since then clocked a Rs 20 crore turnover.

Varun Sarda, the founder of wtfares, a Nagpur-based online travel company, has an unique narrative to his Rs 20 crore-turnover company, which he launched with a Rs 6 lakh investment eight years ago.

In 2013, he used a renowned travel portal to book flights from Nagpur to Delhi for himself and his father, as well as a hotel in Delhi for their stay.

However, when he arrived in Delhi, he was horrified to learn that the hotel was no longer in operation, having closed down six months prior.

” “Back in Nagpur, he recounted his traumatic experience on social media, and the positive feedback he received inspired him to start his new business.

He worked as an independent travel agent booking aeroplane tickets for six months to acquire a feel for the industry and gather experience before taking the plunge.

Varun borrowed Rs 6 lakh from his mother, grandparents, and two friends in 2014 to develop wtfares, which began as a flight ticket buying portal.

His two friends joined him in the venture as well.

. Varun’s father owns and operates a paper making and printing company. Varun was able to rent a 600 sq ft office within a year, and his team increased to seven. Year after year, the company’s profits increased. In 2014, their revenue surpassed Rs. 1.5 crore.

Varun claims that in 2016, he performed something unique that no other travel company had done.  Varun claims that in 2016, he created something innovative that even the largest travel businesses had not done before, which enhanced their company. Wtfares provided free cancellation on all domestic airline tickets up to Rs 20,000 for a Rs 3,000 premium.

Varun explains, “It was a big smash, and it catapulted the company to the next level in the industry. When we introduced this scheme, we were making Rs 3 crore, but by 2017, we were making Rs 12 crore.”

The novelty faded off as other companies in the field made similar offers, but Wtfares had found its footing at this point and continued to grow. The company began to sell vacation packages, focusing on exotic locations such as the Seychelles.

From its humble beginnings as an airline ticket booking company, Wtsfares has come a long way. People may now easily book a comprehensive vacation package on wtfares based on their budget.

“Wtfares offers vacation packages to a variety of overseas countries, including Seychelles, Taiwan, Jordan, and Turkey.”

For example, a three-day, two-night holiday package in Srinagar for a couple departing from Chennai costs Rs 41,919, which includes flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and local tours.

During the Covid lockout, their business suffered. But it has now recovered.

“We plan to make Rs 50 crore in revenue in FY 2021-22,” Varun says.

The company presently processes over 3000 transactions every month, including aircraft tickets, hotel reservations, and vacation bookings.


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