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Money Can’t Buy Happiness: The Viral Story of the Discontented 24-Year-Old Amazon Techie

A 24-year-old guy, who claims to be a software engineer for Amazon in Bengaluru, has split the internet after posting about his “inner turmoil” on a social networking platform. The message first emerged on Grapevine, an anonymous platform for professional chats, earlier this week and has since sparked debate on social media.

A user stated in his post titled as “feeling saturated in life” that he is a 24-year-old engineer who feels lonely in life. The user further stated that his annual pay of Rs 58 lakhs doesn’t make him happy.

The narrator is an Amazon software developer who feels overburdened and lonely. His job life is dull, and he doesn’t have a girlfriend or any other buddies to hang out with. He has worked for the same business since the start of his career and does the same duties each day. He no longer relishes the prospect of fresh difficulties and chances for development.

Many people have commented on the post on social media, and it has received a lot of attention. Some people said that the area of software engineering has grown monotonous and that the average salary of Rs 58 lakh per year for a software engineer is excessively expensive.

Others noted that while material possessions might satisfy, happiness requires emotional relationships. They also gave the engineer advice on how to make the most of his free time, meet some new people, and perhaps even find a partner by becoming involved in events and activities.

To make his life more exciting, one person advised the engineer to forego a wage raise.


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