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Mumbai Man Duped Of Rs 3.42 Lakh By Fake Amazon HR

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Job Seeker Duped Of ₹3.42 Lakh By An Online Fraudster Pretending To Be Amazon HR. Many online scams are taking place nowadays and we need to be very careful while working online otherwise we may also lose our hard-earned money just like this job-seeker who got cheated and lost Rs. 3.42 lakh.

As per the reports, a 33 years old Mumbai man who is currently working in an Andheri-based firm was looking for a part-time job opportunity and he decided to click on an ad on Facebook which was about a job in Amazon. As he clicked on the ad, he got a WhatsApp message from an HR executive named Marry. She asked the man to complete some tasks which candidates have to carry on for increasing the sale of online platform of the firm. The person was given a link and was asked to create an account after he showed interest and as soon as he created the account, he received $80 as bonus.

After that, the victim was asked to buy a product after getting a recharge of Rs. 200 after which his account (E-wallet) was credited with Rs. 450. In the same manner, the victim spent Rs. 2.4 lakh and earned a profit of Rs. 5.13 lakh but when he tried to transfer the balance of E-wallet to his bank account, his request got declined. He was asked to pay 20% tax if he wanted to withdraw the money, he mortgaged his family gold and paid Rs. 1.02 lakh as tax. However, his account got deactivated and it was then he understood that it was a fraud.

He has filed a police complaint and the police has stared the investigation as well. We request our readers to be careful of such online scams.

Taushif Patel
Taushif Patelhttps://taushifpatel.com
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